December 2, 2023

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Teaser Tuesday! One Wrong Word By Hank Phillippi Ryan

Teaser Tuesday: One Wrong Word By Hank Phillippi Ryan

Please note that I have not yet read One Wrong Word By Hank Phillippi Ryan (but I doubt my patience will hold out long, and a review will come pretty quickly). That said, this Teaser Tuesday should not be seen as a review. Instead, this is carefully (no spoilers) pulled quotes from the first couple of chapters. However, I did review First To Lie (linked)- check it out! First to Lie is amazing (as are all of Hank Phillippi Ryan’s books, but I was on hiatus for a bit). Here is the Goodreads summary (quotes below summary):

A heart-racing new psychological thriller from USA Today bestselling and multiple award-winning author Hank Phillippi Ryan.

Words have the power to change lives, and no one knows that better than crisis management expert Arden Ward. But she’s in big trouble—she’s accused of having an affair with a client. It’s not true! She would never do such a thing! But she gets the blame—and now she’s about to be fired.

Arden is granted two weeks to save her career and her reputation. And then she meets Cordelia Bannister.

Cordelia needs help from her husband Ned, a successful Boston real estate mogul. Though he was recently acquitted in a fatal drunk driving accident, his reputation has been ruined, and the fallout is devastating not only to the Bannisters’ lives but the lives of their two young children.

Arden devotes her final days on the job to helping this shattered family, but soon, revelations about what really happened the night of the accident begin to emerge. And then—another car crash throws Ned back into the spotlight.

This case is Arden’s last chance to protect her own future and clear her name—and the Bannister kids may be in danger! But the more she tries to untangle the truth, the more one disturbing question haunts her—what if she’s protecting a killer?

Everyone believes that words can never hurt them, but Arden knows the reality. Sometimes one wrong word can kill.


Summary Review

Thank you to Forge Books for an advance copy of One Wrong Word by Hank Phillippi Ryan, which releases on February 6, 2024

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Hank Phillippi Ryan

Quote 2- One Wrong Word By Hank Phillippi Ryan

Summary Review


Quote 3- One Wrong Word By Hank Phillippi Ryan

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Quote 4- One Wrong Word By Hank Phillippi Ryan

Hank Phillippi Ryan

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