December 2, 2023

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Mini-Review Of Veronica Ruiz Breaks The Bank (Short Story) By Elle Cosimano

Veronica Ruiz Breaks The Bank (Short Story) By Elle Cosimano- Summary

Goodreads summary (review below) of Veronica Ruiz Breaks The Bank (short story) By Elle Cosimano

Anyone can spot a window of opportunity, but not everyone can manage to fall straight through one.

Veronica Ruiz is on the run for the first time in her life — though certainly not the last. After being falsely accused of stealing money from her college sorority, she packs up and heads to her cousin Ramón’s apartment, planning to change her name and start over, away from backstabbing girls and university drama (and far, far away from her arrest warrant in Maryland).

At the local bank, on the first morning of her new life, it occurs to Vero that she’d be a better bank teller than most of the current employees; she may not have much money, but what little she does have, she knows how to manage. Unfortunately, the only available position is a cleaning job, and so, desperate for a fresh start, she takes the bank manager’s offer.

But nothing in Vero’s world has ever been simple, so of course, shortly after she begins work, she overhears a conversation between her new boss and a security someone who works there has been stealing. Seeing a window of opportunity, Vero sets out to find the identity of the thief, present the evidence, and then push for the perfect job. All of which would be easier if her irresistibly infuriating childhood crush Javi wasn’t living in the same damn town.

Offering the insight that readers have been craving into fan-favorite Vero’s past and a closer look at the moment Finlay and Vero first meet, Veronica Ruiz Breaks the Bank is a can’t-miss addition to the Finlay Donovan series.

Veronica Ruiz Breaks The Bank (Short Story) By Elle Cosimano- Minireview

Is this a mini-view with quotes? Yes. Don’t mistake that for Veronica Ruiz Breaks the Bank being mini itself. Elle Cosimano took a short story and packed a punch with writing that is a benchmark. First, can we start with the dedication, which is ❤️. It says so much about Elle Cosimano. She has heard her readers and provided the story they requested.

To my readers, because you asked.

First, if you love the Finlay Donovan Series (overview and review linked) by Elle Cosimano (interview linked), you will LOVE Veronica Ruiz Breaks The Bank. All the hallmarks of the Finlay Donovan Series are present. You have the mystery, the humor, and a mad-capped plot. Moreover, it is SO Vero.

Just because it is Vero’s backstory doesn’t mean her character was left as a backstory. Instead, Elle Cosimano maintains everything we love about Vero’s personality. Her humor, her ability to get in messy situations, and her adventures are all major plot points. Additionally, Elle Cosimao expands on Vero’s family dynamics (which are brilliant), as well as a thrilling mystery at its core. And, of course, Vero handles it all, not the wrong way or right way, but the Vero way.

Darren was all over her the second they were inside…

‘How about we do it on the work bench? That sounds hot.’

<under her breath> ‘How about I hit you with a tire iron and clamp your balls in my cousin’s vice?’

‘What was that?’

“I said wow, that sounds really nice.’

Summary Review
Thank you to Minotaur Books and Macmillan Audio for an advanced copy of Veronica Ruiz Breaks The Bank by Elle Cosimano, which releases on November 7th.

The mystery at the heart of Veronica Ruiz’s Breaks The Bank is thrilling, especially when you add the reasons Vero is hiding out as a janitor at the bank. Accused of a crime she didn’t commit, Vero is trying to claw her way out of the hole she’s in. With the secrets she is keeping from her family and ex-boyfriend (another fun dynamic), Vero fights to start over, away from these accusations. All the while trying to solve a mystery that has nothing to do with her.

THAT ENDING! I absolutely loved the ending (which I won’t spoil). Needless to say, it adds a sense of heart and wrapping-up of Vero’s adventure.


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