April 12, 2024

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Teaser Thursday: American Girl By Wendy Walker

Teaser Thursday: American Girl By Wendy Walker

Please note that I have not yet read American Girl By Wendy Walker. That said, this Teaser Thursday should not be seen as a review. Instead, this is carefully (no spoilers) pulled quotes from the prologue. Note: According to Goodreads and Edelweiss, American Girl releases on October 17th. However, it is currently available on Audible (link provided), with a release date stated as December 16, 2021. With that said, here is the Goodreads summary (quotes below summary):

A pulse-pounding novel about a small-town business owner found dead and the teenage girl caught in the crosshairs, American Girl is the latest thriller from international best-selling author Wendy Walker.

Charlie Hudson, an autistic 17-year-old, is determined to leave Sawyer, PA, as soon as she graduates high school — in the meantime, she works as many hours as she can at a sandwich shop called The Triple S to save money for college. But when shop owner Clay Cooper — a man who is both respected and feared by many in this economically depressed community — is found dead, each member of his staff becomes a suspect in the perplexing case. Charlie must work to protect herself and her friends and uncover the danger that may still be at large in their tight-knit community.

Best-selling author Wendy Walker returns with another riveting thriller told through the eyes of an unforgettable protagonist.

Please note: This audio contains strong language, distressing situations, and descriptions of violence that some listeners may find upsetting. Discretion is advised.

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Blackstone will release American Girl (Brilliance Audio) on October 17. However, I bought my own copy on Audible but haven’t read it yet.

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Did these quotes pull you into American Girl by Wendy Walker?

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