July 12, 2024

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Hockey Book Tag: GO KINGS GO

NHL Hockey Book Tag, Because The Season Is Coming. GO, KINGS GO!

God, how I love this book tag. I found it at Witty and Sarcastic Book Club, an awesome site and person behind it! I absolutely had to steal it. Even though we differ in our fandoms (she an Avalanche fan- they are more like a flurry 😉and I am a Los Angeles Kings fan – have been since I was… you know what? I’m not aging myself), I have nothing but love for hockey fans! So, here goes my run on her tag. Some books are reviewed (with links) and others will have linked summaries.

Because Drew Doughty just makes us purer in our souls than any other team in the NHL.

Favorite Team: A Book with a Great Cast of Characters

You know I want to put Six of Crows here but let’s go with something recent.

Starling House by Alix E. Harrow Review

Have I drooled over this book enough yet? NOT POSSIBLE

Summary Review

Hat Trick: A Third Book in a Series that is as Good as the First Book

This is easy, but I was on hiatus when it came out, so there isn’t a review. But it is the third book in the Age Of Darkness series by Katy Rose Pool. Here are my reviews of the first two books:

Hat Trick: A Series Where The Third Book Is As Good As The First (I Would Say For Me… It is EVEN BETTER)

There Will Come  A Darkness By Katy Rose Pool (Book 1) Review


As The Shadow Rises By Katy Rose Pool (Book 2) Review

Into The Dying Light By Katy Rose Pool (Book 3)- Goodreads Summary


Hotshot Rookie: A Debut Author That Knocked Your Socks Off:

I’m cheating (what is a book tags from me where I don’t cheat?) and choosing one fantasy and one thriller. Also, the fantasy choice is an author NEW TO ME!Adrienne Tooley

Thriller: Everyone Who Can Forgive Me Is Dead By Jenny Hollander- Review:

summary review

Team Mascot: A Great Creature Sidekick

I know I know… but I’ve yet to find a better side-kick than the non-cat.

Nevernight By Jay Kristoff-Review


Division Rivalry: An Action-packed Book

Champion of Fate By Kendare Blake (Out on September 19th)- Review


Early Playoff Exit: A Book That Didn’t Live Up to Expectations

HAHAHAHAHAHA but there are SO MANY. Let’s go with the last one I wrote, shall we? Otherwise, I’ll have a list.

The Stranger Upstairs By Lisa M. Matlin- Review

Summary Review

Boarding: A Book That Surprised You

The September House By Carissa Orlando- Review

WCarissa Orlando

“Refs, you stink!”: A Book with an Irritating Character

Look, people know I love characters you hate in thrillers. But that is if they are executed well. So, how about a full cast of characters that irritated the shit out of me?

Windfall By Wendy Corsi Staub-Review

Review and SUmmary

Shootout: A Tense Book

Well, good lord, this could be its own tag. I read thrillers, for hell’s sake. How am I supposed to pick one? The best I can do is go with my favorite thriller of the year so far.

Good Bad Girl By Alice Feeney- Review

Review Summary

Stanley Cup Winner- A Winner of a Book

OK! I can’t take it anymore (and I’m cheating again)…

Six of Crows By Leigh Bardugo (and Crooked Kingdom, of course).

I didn’t have my site when I read these, so no review… but here is a post about Kaz

summary review


….And The Three Dark Crowns Series by Kendare Blake- Reviews:

Three Dark Crowns

One Dark Throne

Two Dark Reigns

Five Dark Fates

Kendare Blake

Really, there could be a list but none will top these.

I’m not tagging anyone, but I would LOVE for other NHL fans to join in!

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