September 20, 2023

Novel Lives

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Weekly Update 8/27, In Which I get Hit By A Car

Novel Lives Weekly Update 8/13/2023

Welcome to this week’s weekly update!

Life Updates- So, let’s see. I got hit by a car on Friday (while on my bike), and that wasn’t fun. But it could have been SO MUCH worse. Except for feeling banged up, I’m fine. The bike is some how fine. I’m very lucky and blessed not to be in the hospital right now.


What I Posted

What Books I Am Reading

The Stranger Upstairs

Lisa Matlin


The Fragile Threads of Power By V.E. Schwab

Summary Review

This is How We End Things By R.J. Jacobs


What I’m About To Read (and as you can tell, it hasn’t really changed because Of The Forest Grimm and Stay)

Or, in the words of the West Wing…

Weekly Wrap-Up


The Meadows by Stephanie Oakes

Summary Review

Murder In The Family By Cara Hunter

How was your week? What did you read? Did you love it or hate it?

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