April 18, 2024

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Friday Favorites: Books With Celebrations

I found this meme on (go check out her amazing website) and have decided to steal it. She found it from Cait @ Functionally Fictional, who took it over. Each week, she provides a prompt, and I get to list books with their summaries and reviews that fit the topic. Feel free to join in – the more, the merrier! Go check her amazing website out!

Summary review

Books With Celebrations- Reviews Linked

The Block Party

This book features a Fourth of July Block Party that really sets off some fireworks.


I Didn’t Do It

This books features a killer book con and awards banquet.





The Housekeepers features an elegant, Victorian party with some kinda shit going on behind the scenes.

Review and Summary



The September Hosue by Carissa Orlando

Oh yes, every September is an… event.

Carissa Orlando

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