February 25, 2024

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Novel Lives Weekly Update 6/11/2023

Novel Lives Weekly Wrap-Up 6/11/2023

This weekly update post is once again sponsored by the “I don’t have a review to write portion of my life.” I suppose that is what I get for reading three books at once 👀🫢. Some fun things about this week! My boyfriend, aka the boy, bought me tickets to see Matchbox Twenty on the 20th! I’m stupid excited. It isn’t my first time seeing them live by a long shot, but they are very good live.

Also, the Wallflowers are opening. And while I know all of two songs by them, it’ll be cool to say I saw Bob Dylan’s son live. Unfortunately, I’ll never be able to say I saw Bob Dylan live.  Other than that, nothing exciting. Mirabella and Kaz have recovered from surgery. Gomez is going to the Vet Tuesday but shouldn’t be anything serious. Fingers crossed.

Since I’m now going to see Matchbox Twenty… here’s this week’s song. I wanted to put in Long Day because the lyrics of that song send me but too on the nose. Instead, I went with Bent because A) love the song and B) it is fun watching the band beat the crap out of Rob Thomas for three minutes.

and on with the show…


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Disclaimer: This is very tentative. I have quite a few books coming up (this isn’t all of them) and haven’t chosen the exact order.


How was your week? What did you read? Did you love it or hate it? 

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