September 19, 2023

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The Good Family By Matt Goldman- A Review

The Good Family By Matt Goldman- Summary

The Good Family By Matt Goldman Goodreads Summary: Katie Kuhlmann’s marriage is falling apart. But she has a secure job, her children are healthy, and her house, a new construction in the prestigious Country Club neighborhood of Edina, Minnesota, is beautiful. She can almost ignore the way her husband, Jack, has been acting — constantly checking his phone, not going to work, disappearing from the house only to show up again without explanation.

Tension in the Kuhlmann house only gets worse when Adam “Bagman” Ross, a mutual friend from college, happens to be in the neighborhood and in need of a place to stay. Jack is quick to welcome him into the sanctity of their home, but Jack’s strange behavior only gets worse, and Katie fears their new guest is also harboring a dark secret. As she begins to uncover the truth, she realizes that something is terribly wrong — and she must race to protect her family as danger closes in.

The Good Family By Matt Goldman- Review

Well. This is going to be short. I didn’t feel right not reviewing The Good Family By Matt Goldman (Release Date: May 30th). At the same time, I knew that I didn’t have much to say, either. So I’m just going to go with it. By the way, I am not dragging this book. It isn’t that bad. But it just isn’t good, either.

First off, let’s start with the official summary of The Good Family. See. It lies. And what do I say about a summary that is wrong and lies?

Matt Goldman

First off (and this is part of my issue with Matt Goldman’s book), this is more literary fiction/women’s fiction/family drama than it is a thriller. The thriller doesn’t really start until there is like twenty percent left in The Good Family. And even then, it is pretty underwhelming except for the last two percent. This is a pet peeve of mine. Furthermore, because this relies more on family drama than thriller, there is nothing to really grip readers throughout the book, and as I said, the ending just doesn’t pay off.

Next, everything is just tasteless. Just bland. That is why I can’t drag it. There is no salt on the table.

The thing is, I felt like I’d read The Good Family a million times before. And everything outside of one piece that really doesn’t even matter, in the end, is meh. The main character, Katie, is the typical rich soccer mom. I liked her but never connected with her because she was so boring. Even the flashbacks to her traumatic childhood couldn’t keep me invested. The husband is your typical, cruel businessman. It doesn’t help that the pacing is so incredibly slow. The kids are even bland.

Put everything together, and you get a bland book just like this is becoming a bland review. It never had that “I can’t put this book down” feeling.


And that is all I’ve got for this review. Sorry it isn’t more meaty, but there wasn’t much to review.


PS I bought this book myself.

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