July 12, 2024

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Oh Jaime Lynn Hendricks Did It All Right- I Didn’t Do It Is Marvelous

I Didn’t Do It By Jaime Lynn Hendricks- Summary

Goodreads Summary For I Didn’t Do It  By Jaime Lynn Hendricks: A murder at a suspense writer convention makes everyone a suspect―especially the victim’s literary rivals. Murderpalooza, the premier thriller writers’ conference, is meant to be an exciting celebration of the genre and its preeminent writers. But when bestselling author and industry favorite Kristin Bailey is found dead in her hotel room, four rival authors―a mid-lister, an egomaniac, a has-been, and a newbie―also get targeted by an anonymous social media account and wonder if they’re next.

First, they find themselves bonding to try to find out who’s behind it. As the account taunts them, it slowly reveals secrets that each of them has connected to Kristin―secrets that make them a suspect in each other’s eyes. Soon, they are turning on each other and silently accusing each as a killer. With time running out until the awards ceremony, where the social media account has promised a big reveal, the only thing they know for sure is that no one is better at both creating and solving a mystery than the people who write them for a living.

Jaime Lynn Hendricks gives the reader a thrilling peek into the thriller writing world and those that inhabit it in this gripping suspense novel.

I Didn’t Do It By Jaime Lynn Hendricks- Review

Where the hell do I even start? I don’t even know. Ok. First of all, I need to get this out of my head.

I DIdn't Do It

Second of all, this book should have been titled “It was Twitter, at the Award Ceremony, With A Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Stick.” That isn’t a spoiler, trust me. But it could be a mood board for sure.



Jaime Lynn Hendricks

I still don’t know where to start with Jaime Lynn Hendricks I Didn’t Do It. I can give you another meme, though. Or two.

Summary I highly suggest popping some popcorn, or whatever you snack on by the water, this summer and preparing yourself.

Jaime Lynn HendricksYou see, I was complete trash for I Didn’t Do It (if you haven’t figured that out yet).

Also, Jaime Lynn Hendricks has a runaway hit on her hands here. I Didn’t Do It is hysterically funny, on the nose, and with multiple mysteries that engross you. When I was a second-grade teacher (shut up, I don’t know how else to write this review), I taught writing workshop (balanced literacy). When students struggled with writing, I always told them to write what they know. Well, Jaime Lynn Hendricks did that when writing I Didn’t Do It, and it paid off in spades.

From the exploration of Twitter’s effect on authors to the politics of thriller authoring (yes, I wrote authoring) to the Rangers Vs. Lightning, she nails it all. All about why there is a Lightning fan in NYC and how they aren’t even a real hockey team (maybe take that up with Steve Yzerman, eh?) If you are wondering, Jaime Lynn Hendricks is a huge New York Rangers fan. Too bad my LA Kings beat the New York Rangers in the Stanley Cup Finals. 👀😏


But I digress. Jaime Lynn Hendricks even calls out thriller readers. Or maybe it was just me, she called out. But I completely resemble this remark. I think I’ve learned so much. Everyone around me thinks I’ve lost my mind. Perception.

If you’re a thriller reader, you’d sleep with one eye open and trust no one. Not your parents, your best friend, your co-workers, and especially not your spouse or lover. They’re all fucking crazy murderers.

You may be disappointed to hear this, but I’m stopping this review here and moving on to the characters. Why? Because I really am struggling to review, I Didn’t Do It coherently. Plus, cue the cliche- the less you know going in, the better.

I Didn’t Do It By Jaime Lynn Hendricks- Characters

Forget the actual characters for a minute. Before I get to that, I want to discuss something brilliant Jaime Lynn Hendricks does from one point of view. You see, not only are the above topics explored, but Viki Overton’s point of view is often written as if she is writing a thriller book. Or maybe editing is the better term. At one point, she starts a sentence with- If I was a thriller writer, I would literally- and then stops her narrative, pauses in contemplation, and next says- no, literally stays, it is needed (as if she was going to edit out the word literally). I didn’t quote that because it wasn’t the exact wording, and I added commentary.


Thank you to Highbridge Audio for an advanced audio copy of I Didn’t Do It by Jaime Lynn Hendricks, which was released on May 23rd.

Again, without spoiling anything, I’m just going to say that I Didn’t Do It is told from multiple points of view. And each of these characters (along with the side characters) are written uniquely and fitting to their circumstance. For instance, my favorite character is an accused stalker. Her inner narrative completely demonstrates how her mind works. Whether it is contemplation over whether she thinks she’s a stalker, frustration over everyone else’s perception, or her thoughts around the events at Murderpalooza, Jaime Lynn Hendricks writes the perfect voice for this character.

However, each character stands out uniquely. Also, the Twitter. Oh, boy. The anonymous Twitter account is basically stirring all the shit and rankling the characters. It easily becomes a main character in I Didn’t Do It. And that is spectacular.

I Didn’t Do It By Jaime Lynn Hendricks- Final Thoughts And Audiobook

The audiobook is produced by Highbridge perfectly. From the time stamps to the character labels, everything is perfect. The narrating cast is brilliant. I will admit to being partial to Catherine Ho, as she narrated my dearly beloved Ink In The Blood duology.

I know. You feel like I didn’t say enough in this entire review. I feel like I said too much. Trust me on this.

Final thoughts?


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