November 26, 2023

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Spring Has Sprung Book Tag

Spring Has Sprung Book Tag

Welcome to the Spring Has Sprung Book Tag. The tag can also be found on Paperbacks and Planners. I found the Spring Has Sprung Book Tag at Chasing Destino. Her Spring Has Sprung Book Tag is linked, so go check her out! Everyone is welcome to participate. Comments and links are encouraged. One question I skipped (in case you would like to do it- pick a book with smutty delights). I don’t read romance or books with smutty delights :)!

Also, this is my 600th post! Hot damn!


Any season, this rings true. Am I right?

Flowers- Pick A Book That’s A Fresh Take On A Retelling

In Every Generation (Book #1)

Kendare Blake

Kendare Blake’s Retell/Return to the Buffyverse has been excellent! I can’t wait for the next one!

One Girl In All The World (Book #2)
Kendare Blake

Cadbury Mini Eggs- Pick A Book That Is A Sweet Treat

Is it weird that I’m picking a book that is a murder mystery… don’t care!!!! Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice For Murderers is addictive, sweet, and mysterious—my type of egg.



Allergies- Pick A Book That Makes You Cry

Just ask Becky (Her Review is linked here), or I can tell you how the boy found me sobbing when he came home from work and asked- is it a book?

Just tell me you are crying like a baby because of a book. And indeed I was…

Dark and Hollow StarBook 2 in the Dark and Hollow Star Series

Spring Cleaning- A Book To Unhaul

I think this means a book to get rid of (aka that I hated or DNFd), and the last book I reviewed that I hated was How I’ll Kill You by Ren Stefano. 

Ren DeStefano

Spring Break- Pick A Book With A Roadtrip

How about a fantastic book with a bachelorette destination party?! She Started It by Sian Gilbert is big, boisterous, and a guilty pleasure – just like its characters.

Sian Gilbert

Rainbow- Pick A Book With LGBTQ Characters

Does anyone want to get their heart ripped out and stomped on? I bring you Dark Rise by C.S. Pacat.

C.S. Pacat

Spring Awakening- Pick A Book Filled With Dysfunctional Characters

Is this some kind of cruel joke? All the books I read are filled with dysfunctional characters, or I wouldn’t read them. I need fucked up people doing fucked up things.

LOL! So what am I supposed to do? I will cheat and put one I can’t wait to read. I just know the Block Party by Jamie Day will be chock filled with WTF.


In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb- A Series That Didn’t Get Better As It Went

Not only did the All Of Us Villains duology worsen with All Of Our Demise? It is straight-up took a dive into the great salt lake.

The worst part? I LOVED All Of Us Villains but All Of Our Demise? Oh, it demised, alright.


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