December 1, 2023

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Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag

Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag

Hello, my dears! Good Lord, has it already been a quarter of the year gone past? Wow. Well to help get a hold on what has and hasn’t gone well so far, I’ve seen this Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag flying around and have decided to give it a shot. I think the first place I saw the Quarter Year Crisis Book Tag was at Misty’s Book Space, so please go check out her tag. It was originally created by Roison, whose video is here.

I’m not tagging anyone, but as always, I would love to see your answers if you do complete it. Let’s get this party started!

How May Books Have You Read So Far (Goodreads Linked- Come Follow)

WOO HOO! Go team me. I did lower my goal from 150 to 125 for this year since the pandemic is over. But, I’ve read 59 books, which puts me 22 books ahead of schedule.

Have You Already Read A Book That Might Be A 2023 Favorite?

This is a great question. Now, some of the books I’ve read this year aren’t out yet, so I’m going to stick to ones that have already been published. And right now? That is a no-brainer.

See my review of Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers here. If you loved the Maid and/or Finlay Donovan? You will LOVE this book.

Jesse Q. Sutanto

 What was your favorite book you read that wasn’t quite five-star?

This is a hard one. 2023 has proven to be extremely hit or miss for me. There have been few in-betweens. However, I’m going to go with one I just finished and reviewed: The Last Word by Taylor Adams.

Taylor Adams

Any least favorite books of the year?

Oh hell yes. But I’ll try to keep this to the worst of the worst (in my opinion of course). There are many more than three. So I’m going to stick to three that I reviewed.

With My Little Eye By Joshilyn Jackson ReviewJoshilyn Jackson

Death of a Bookseller Review

Alice Slater

How I’ll Kill You ReviewRen DeStefano

 Most-read genres so far?

This should come as no shock… thrillers and fantasy (I am struggling a bit with the fantasy genre but there have been a few good ones getting me back on track, recently).

Book that’s come out in 2023 already that you want to read but haven’t yet?

Ah. Yes. It JUST came out but I haven’t gotten to it yet and I definitely want to: Everything She Feared by Rick Mofina

One Goal You Are Succeeding At?

Getting Novellives.Com back out of hiatus with a vengeance. I hope everyone else agrees!


One goal you made you need to focus on

I’m starting to really hit decision fatigue when deciding what to read next. I also need to remember that I don’t have to review every book I read.

New-to-you book bloggers for 2023 you recommend?

Rabhaya Maini

Kirsty Book Reviews

Book Reviews for Bookish People


To end this, I have to add a song because while I’m way past my quarter-life crisis- this song came out just when I hit it. And I still love it.

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