December 7, 2023

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The Keep Within By J.L. Worrad Summary And Highlights (Teaser Thursday)

The Keep Within By J.L.Worrad

The Keep Within By J.L.Worrad, Summary: When Sir Harrance ‘Harry’ Larksdale, bastard brother of the king, falls for a mysterious lad from the mountains, he is unwillingly caught up in a chaotic world of court intrigue and murderous folk tales. Meanwhile, Queen Carmotta Il’Lunadella, First Queen of the Brintland, needs to save her life and her unborn child. With the Third Queen plotting against her, and rumors of coups rocking the court, Carmotta can rely only on her devious mind and venomous wit.

But deep within the walls of Becken Keep squats the keep-within – patient, timeless, and evil. To speak of the keep-within outside the walls of Becken Keep guarantees your bizarre and agonizing demise within nine days. All the while, people fearfully whisper the name Red Marie: a bloodied demon with rusted nails for teeth and swinging scythes who preys on the innocent.

Harry and Carmotta are clinging to their dreams, their lives, by threads. And, beneath all, the keep-within awaits.

J.L. Worrad

The Keep Within Highlights (Non-Spoiler)

I absolutely loved this book! The world-building, characters, and especially the dialogue/sarcasm were exceptional. For my stop on The Keep Within tour, I’m going to flip the script and give you a Teaser Thursday. If you don’t remember, Teaser Thursday is when I give you quotes from a book to get you excited about it. Please note, that I will be focusing on some non-spoiler, humorous quotes. Because… they are fantastic.

Thank you to Titan Books and J.L. Worrad for the advanced copy and the opportunity to participate in this tour, in a unique way.

Highlight #1

Highlight #1

Highlight #2

Highlight #2


Highlight #3

Highlight #3


Book Information

Author: J.L. Worrad

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Pages: 496 pages


JJ. Worrad- Bio And Contact Information

From Worrad’s website (Linked)


J.L. Worrad lives in Leicester, England, and has for almost all his life. He has a degree in classical studies from Lampeter University, Wales. He has found this invaluable to his growth as a science fiction and fantasy writer in that he soon discovered how varied and peculiar human cultures can be.

In 2011 Worrad won three grand on a lottery scratch card and so attended Clarion, the six-week SF workshop held at the University of California, San Diego. There, he studied under some of the genre’s leading professionals and also got to see a lot of wild hummingbirds.

2018 saw the publication of his first and second novel, the space opera duology ‘Feral Space’. He’s had short stories published by Daily Science Fiction, Flurb, Newcon Press, and Obverse Books. He also writes screenplays for short films, one of which- Flawless was selected for both the Cannes and NYC Independent film festivals.

Email:  jamesworrad@gmail.com


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