December 3, 2023

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I’VE BEEN TAKEN HOSTAGE. Council Of The Ninja Magic Conjuring Cats Demand A Tag In Their Honor. Complete It Or Face The Consequences

I am being held against my will to complete this original book tag in honor of the Council of the Ninja Magic Conjuring Cats. Sensible because they are more popular than I. Non-sensical (and in my favor) because they can't read. I'm not pushing it too much, though. I'm sure there are spies on the inside community. Yeah. I'm looking at you, Leah.

Council Of The Ninja Magic Conjuring Cats AKA CNMCC

First Line Friday CNMCC

Look. I get it. I know. The Council of the Ninja Magic Conjuring Cats, aka (CNMCC), are the mascots, two years running, now for both Summer Flings (2019 and 2020). They are front and center of both extravaganzas. Then there are the hundreds of posts they are featured in all up and down Novel Lives.

  1. First Line Friday- CNMCC Abuse
  2. Unboxing Unplugged “The Swap” 
  3. All The Stars And Teeth Should Have Been Called All The Tropes And Tropes
  4. Verify Is Out, And It Has Me Tired
  5. And, in my most recent review, His And Hers

Please understand that this does not include the exposure on twitter and hundreds of other posts. Not to mention the innumerable featured images that they have been front and center throughout the start of this website. Next to, I don’t know BOOKS. THEY ARE NOVEL LIVES.

Enough Is Enough

In Honor Of Those That Sacrificed For So We May Go Where They Persisted…

My bad.

Of course, that isn’t enough. We are not a smart, vibrant book community to them. We are all just plebeians. And they want their due in propping up our “cute” little hobby. A cute little hobby that they “allow” me to pursue. How do I know they were ready to demand this of me?

For one, as Becky can tell you, the other day, I barely woke up in time for our buddy read. How did I wake up? At some point in the night, I had thrown my blanket over my head. I woke up suffocating. Why on earth would I be suffocating at the hands of my blanket? I mean, this is not Infinity War.

I was suffocating because Liam had decided to lay on top of my face. Not my head but my face. I want to make this abundantly clear. Suffocating. It is now a thing. That was my first clue.

Second, this is my current safety status:

Lim CNMCC Book Tag

Liam gives no fuck bucks for my safety.

And so it has become quite clear that either this tag gets done or you might not ever hear from me again. Truth be told, if you don’t also complete this tag, I can’t guarantee your safety, either. I do not doubt that they have spies throughout our community. Stay vigilant.

CNMCC Honoree Book Tag Rules

The only rules are as following:

  1. Complete the tag or die. <help me>
  2. Link back to the CNMCC.
    • They don’t even care if you link back to this post or site. I’m requesting that you link back to this post. Please?
  3. All photos should be correctly labeled
    • Council of the Ninja Magic Conjuring Cats (CNMCC) for full group photos
    • Individually Labeled as Liam, Gomez, and Pavel (or a combination thereof)
    • Again. They don’t care about me. I’m a plebian. You do not have to link or credit each photo, but if you could give one credit when you link the post, I would greatly appreciate it. But I’m to be very clear that they don’t care, won’t care, and couldn’t care less, as long as THEY are correctly labeled, and THEY are correctly given credit.
  4. You won’t need to tag people at the end because everyone will do it or die. Their websites will fail. They will never get another ARC again. Reading slumps will be conjured, and misery will prevail. <save me>

Council Of The Ninja Magic Conjuring AKA CNMCC Cats Tag

I think they are under some grand delusion that when I said we are moving to the mountains in Colorado, this is what I meant. They don’t go outside, so dream away boys.

Liam: A Book That Gave You Resting Bitch Face

Other than books that I have DNF’d, I have only gone salty on five books. So, I’m going to narrow it down to one Young Adult and one Adult. Not that most of you don’t know this by now, but still. Plus, Liam’s original resting bitch face is in the choice for Young Adult.

All The Stars And Teeth Should Have Been Called All The Tropes And Tropes

*I always feel the need to clarify that title with the fact that it has nothing to do with tropes themselves. It is tropes in All the Stars and Teeth*

All The Stars and Teeth

I Would Have LOVED The Guest List, By Lucey Foley, If, In The End, They Had Been Quarantined Together

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Pavel: A Book That Is Broken A Book That Broke You

Pavel CNMCC Book Tag

Floppy ear, tongue hanging out. There is something al… shut up Susan. Pavel is now on guard duty.

Pavel CNMCC Book Tag
Pavel made me change his category. It didn’t give him enough respect.

I wanted to choose one from the Summer Fling, and although they just came out, I read one back in January. And I’ve been screaming about the other since I read it. So neither should be much of a surprise.

New York Times Best Selling Author Rory Power’s Burn Our Bodies Down Releases July 7th, Best Start Preparing Now

Burn Our Bodies Down Review

Year Of The Witching’s Gothic Horror Lures You In So Alexis Henderson’s Fearless Writing

And Unflinching Black/Biracial Heroine Can Drop A Bomb On Your Soul


Year of the Witching By Alexis Henderson Review

Gomez: I Don’t Even Know, And He Doesn’t Even Care

While Gomez Approves (Or Doesn’t Have Any Fuck Bucks To Give About This Message, Liam And Pavel Are Judging)

[videopress SvvFxSr1]

I Can’t Tell You Exactly What I Was Expecting From Three Dark Crowns. This Wasn’t It Kendare Blake Better Not Be Sorry.

And boy did that set me on a tear through this series. I am still in a series hangover. <sobs> How I miss these three crazy bitch queens. And I still wonder what the hell I read. But I don’t care, and it doesn’t matter because of the ride it was. Don’t worry the linked review is only for the first book. No spoilers. I just used this image to recognize the whole series.

Five Dark Fates By Kendare Blake

Three Dark Crowns stands alone in this category.


There you have it. The Council of the Ninja Magic Conjuring Cats is hereby honored and bestowed with the knowledge of that we plebeians of the book community, recognize that we would be nowhere without them. And should we not complete this tag and propel them into a further celebrity, our lives will crash down around us. Everything will fail. Websites will crash. WordPress will, well, the CNMCC can’t even account for WordPress. ARCs will be further limited. Reading slumps will be neverending, and we are all doomed to our worst bookish nightmares.


On top of the above, the following are deemed complicit in needing to furthering the CNMCC cause and are being directly called out. THIS DOES NOT, IN ANY WAY, TAKE AWAY FROM ALL BOOK PLEBEIANS’ RESPONSIBILITY TO COMPLETE THIS TAG, FOLLOWING GUIDELINES ABOVE (their guidelines, not mine…).



BeckyCNMCC Tag Completed and Judged

RachelCompleted and Judged




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