April 18, 2024

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Stay At Home Book Tag: Take A Safe, Distanced Peek Behind The Door Of The Bookish Community… Liam Won’t Bite…

How is everyone doing ... what is everyone doing during while staying at home? This is the stay at home book tag! Step in side...

Bookish Stay At Home

I haven’t done a tag in ages! I found this one over at the Witty and Sarcastic Book Club (Check her site out!). It was created by Princess of Paperback. I loved her answers and the tag, so I decided to take a shot out of it! Books are our friends so at least we have books as our companions during these times at home. Even if that means staring at them longingly because we don’t have the attention to read as much as we thought we would, having time to sit at home and read all day!

Laying in Bed: A Book You Could/Have Read in a Day- Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Apparently this makes me a sadist? Don’t ask me. I just write the site. I don’t tell anyone what to search for on it. And if you are paying attention this should’t be any kind of shock. Of course, as always, to clarify, I don’t traditionally reread books. If I like a book to experience it multiple times, I listen to them. And I’ve listened to these enough that I’ve fallen asleep and woken up with the Fjerden National Anthem in my head.

Saturday Top 5 Books That Made Me Laugh

This is not my picture but I can’t find who to credit- if you know, please let me know!


Yeah. I know. I won’t even try.

I read them before this site so I don’t have reviews. But here’s some fun tags about that sadist:

Three Days Three Quotes Day 1

Three Days Three Quotes Day 2

Three Days Three Quotes Day 3

Ten Times Kaz Brekker Jumped The Fence

Snacking: A Guilty Pleasure Book- The Internet by- EVERYONE

Sleepless in Seattle


Now I don’t mean like stalking people… not commoners anyway. But like when I can’t sleep at 3 AM and I get caught up looking for who knows what, or watching three hours of clips of things I’ve already seen a million times, or whatever the case maybe, I can admit to making endless amusement out of the internet. I’m pro internet researcher/general useless information finder and all around asshattery.

Netflix: series you want to start (continue?)- Money Heist

Money Heist Season 1 Trailer

I have watched Money Heist since the beginning, but I haven’t been able to watch the most recent season due to a lack of Netflix. If you haven’t watched Money Heist, I’ve provided the first season trailer above. It originates out of Spain and is the most streamed international show on Netflix (I believe that is correct). Trust that it is absolutely worth the binge!

Animal Crossing: a book you recently read because of hype- All the Stars and Teeth- by Adalyn Grace

And Lord did that go poorly….

Yoda is Salty

Review of All the Stars and Teeth

Productivity: A book you learned from, or that had an impact on you

The Severed Moon by Leigh Bardugo  and 3000 Questions About Me by Piccadilly Inc

Severed Moon by Leigh Bardugo

Two journals that I absolutely love. 3000 Questions About Me was a silly little pick up that was much more than I thought it would be.

The questions range from silly and surface to deep and reflective.


  1. What jingle or slogan got stuck in your head forever?
  2. What do you have on your fridge door?
  3. If you and your friend wanted the same thing, would you let your friend have it first?
  4. How can you live with more intention?

With the Severed Moon, Leigh Bardugo provides a daily, year-long journal/diary. Bardugo utilizes quotes from her different books as quotes, and also creates different  questions as additional prompts that are inspired from those quotes. For instance, a quote from the “sadist:”

I don’t hold a grudge. I cradle it. I coddle it. I feed it fine cuts of meat and send it to the best schools. I nurture my grudges.

That is the quote prompt.The two pages that follow that quote prompt are two questions that are based off the the themes that quote raises.

  1. What is your longest-standing grudge or a slight you’ve had trouble letting go?
  2. Do you prefer to forgive and forget, or to keep score? Why?

Facetime: a book you were gifted-  The NeverNight Chronicles by Jay Kristoff



Both figuratively and literally. The entire bookish community gifted me the Nevernight Chronicles. The gift that keeps on giving…


Having said that, here is my 3800 word dissertation after reading Nevernight. So complete and… well 3800 words that I didn’t even torture everyone with a screaming review of Godsgrave and Darkdawn. I figure you got the point. I will say that there is one part of the series that irked me. But since, spoilers, I won’t say it. But I still have a dark pocket of my heart carved out for this series.

In a literal sense, Ms. Becky at Crooks Book, bought me a Barnes and Noble gift card for my birthday, which bought Godsgrave for me… we have a chess match of literary destruction going on.

Self-care: what is one thing you’ve done recently to look after yourself- Bleached my hair and dyed it dark rose gold!

I hadn’t bleached my hear in about three years? Then I dyed it Gerard Way red. Left it that way for about a year.

Gerad Way Red

It was never cut that way, though. Although that does kinda look like a cool cut… but I cut my hair too and I could not get that done!

Bonus: name a book that is coming out soon-  ALL OF THEM!

I couldn’t choose- SO I IMPLORE YOU… Please check out, bookmark and join the Spring/Summer Fling 2020! If you weren’t around for the Summer Fling 2019 I’ve provided for both links below! It will be updated throughout Labor Day with review links, interview links and as ARCs/backlists come and go!!!! Whether we end up outside or in, it is bookish community party that is only missing you!!!!


                           Summer Fling 2019                                                                            Spring/Summer Fling 2020

Spring Summer Fling 2020

I’m not going to tag anyone but I do hope some play along and tag me so I can see your answers! Stay safe, stay well and take care of yourselves!

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