December 5, 2023

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Five Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes By Maurice Barkley Is A Well-Played Anthology Where The Adventure Is Always Afoot

Five Adventures of Sherlock Holmes stays true to what fans of Sherlock Holmes loves with the ability to bring in new fans through both structure and content.

While not an expert on Sherlock Holmes, I have always been a fan. Nerd that I am, I actually remember watching an old black and white of The Hounds of Baskerville when I was a teenager. The same teenager who was listening to Motley Crue and Def Leppard. If one thing has never changed about me? Enigma. Always. But there you have it. And right through till recently, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey, Jr. So while, I’m no expert. I do have background and a love for the enigmatic detective and his side-kick, Watson.

With that, I was thrilled when asked to join the the Write Reads Ultimate Blog Tour for Maurice Barkley’s anthology, The Five Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Originally published as five separate stories, this is the first time they are being published altogether. In fact, I was so excited to find out about the anthology that I just went ahead and bought my own copy  before reading it. You can do the same at the link, above (I am not an affiliate).


Five Adventures of Sherlock HolmesThe Write Reads Ultimate Blog Tour Runs Through March 24th. Please Check It Out!

Uh. Where’s The Meat?

For those used to me … uh dissertations? You won’t find it here. For two reasons. First, at a brisk 156 pages, this is an engaging bullet train of an anthology that is a great bridge between novels that are emotionally draining, epic messes (of any genre). So I’m not going to write a longer review than, you know, the book itself.

Second, since it is five who done its? That is five stories to NOT SPOIL.

So. Yeah. I have to behave.

Structure And Content- It Is For EVERYONE!


You know. The books that you close and look up, and suddenly realize there is a world around you that you had completely forgotten about? The real world? Yeah I know. I forget to. Then you look at the other books on your shelf and think– but you all look so… blah and just long and how could I possibly start any of you after I finished this gut wrenching, heart splitting, engrossing novel?

I'm Broke Good Place

Well. This is it. This is the solution. Five stories. 156 Pages of fast-paced Who Done Its that are jam-packed and true to the original characters. Written from Watson’s point of view about mysteries he and Holmes solved. They will keep you engaged and are such a perfect change of pace from anything else you have read.

This means that for those that are familiar with Sherlock Holmes? You will love it, or at least I did! Familiar characters make appearances and stay true to what made them popular in the original tales. And for those new to Holmes? There is so much to discover and delight in! PLUS, it is a new genre, format, and structure to bridge between intense novels.

Maybe, it is even a new way to bounce out of a reading slump when you get overwhelmed!

Either way? All around? Barkley has put together a brilliant collection of stories that is sure to please new and established fans, alike!



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