July 11, 2024

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Kick-Ass Female Lead, IMAX Sized Action And Mythic Gods Bring Courtney Moulton’s Wardens Of Eternity To Life- 1/21

Led By A Kick-Ass Female Character, Wardens of Eternity Takes A Magical System, Chosen One Trope And Meddling Gods Round The World!

Courtney Moulton’s latest, Wardens of Eternity, is a character driven chosen one fantasy that features meddling Gods, a magic system and journey that stretches from NYC to Cairo. Luckily you don’t have to be Indiana Jones, or the main character Ziva Ellison to get your hands on it. Just go to your local bookstore tomorrow and bang down the door!

Wardens of Eternity Review

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Kicking Ass One Continent At A Time

Ziva’s story is a sad, sad one but don’t let that get you down. Lord knows its fuel for Ziva’s fire. Abandoned by her parents at three years old in New York City, she has grown up alone and broke. Finding out she has more to offer the world than working in a grimy factory isn’t exactly all that trope is cracked up to be, either.

Pro: Claimed by ancient, magical

Con: Powerful Gods want you destroyed to start another global world conflict.

Pro: Powerful Death God has your back

Con: Meddling Gods send big bad after big bad to try and destroy you while you are trying to grab hold of magical abilities and FFS just give me a second to figure out what I can even do before you send evil beings to kill me, will you? Well- no, they won’t.

Pro: Finding out there are others out there willing to stand by your side and go on this whole new global mission to kick ass and take names. Figuring out that you have it within you to find yourself, get your magic together and take on Gods, human evils, and try to save the damned world from global destruction.

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Also- learning to ride a motorcycle! Because Ziva will do it present day, on a motorcycle. SO TAKE THAT INDIE! I, actually, love Indie… I’m just saying. Ziva is some kinda bad-assery. LIke if Indie had a daughter…

The Powers That Be

It is no secret that I love me some meddling Gods. Bring them all to me. Bring them to me now! And Moulton fed my God needs along with ancient magical, mystery tribes of Egypt. BOOM War, drama and all the action. Scene after scene of battles with the Gods… what more could I ask for? Moulton made the battle scenes explode off the page in an epic manner. It was insane how epic in size and IMAX like the battle scenes read, and then converted in my minds eye.


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Found Families

Wardens of Eternity takes of like a slingshot. I mean with a quickness. There is no slow build here. Ziva is off to the races, which takes a little leap of faith from readers in the buy-in department but once you get there, you get there. Moulton’s gift is in the jubilation department. The level and authenticity in the joy department is high with this one. Ziva is unabashedly thrilled to find her place, her people. There is no doubt what hill she will die on. Right up until the end. AND THAT END?!

What a mighty powerful roller coaster drop-ending Moulton provides. It is a cliffhanger worded in an avalanche of unbridled emotion. Ziva is wrapped up in her family, her mission and purpose. And. Blindsided. Blender it all together and it is unleashed in this moment at the end. If you aren’t hanging on for dear life during those last pages? You have NO PULSE.

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