July 10, 2024

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At 200 Pages Follow Me To Ground By Sue Rainsford Will Be The Shortest Most Brutal, Haunting Book You’ll Read This Year

At 200 Pages Follow Me To Ground By Sue Rainsford Will Be The Shortest Most Brutal, Haunting Book You'll Read This Year. Just Read The Book.

I Have Been Violated

By a ghost. That is how 200 pages feels, I guess? I didn’t know what to expect going in. Truly. I had NO CLUE. I’m still not completely sure what I read. I would fathom a guess that most people are going to come out of reading Follow Me to Ground by Sue Rainsford with many different feels. It is listed as Literary. In structure I can see it. I would list it as many more things.

Horror, Magic, Witches (?- that could very well be a me thing- some might say alien or sci-fi- I think, some could even say biblical maybe?), because if I say witch I would have to say Warlock and I’m not even sure that sounds right.

So maybe I’m just the village idiot who doesn’t get literary and fair play so let me move on.

I’m Suing For Mental Damages

Rainsford is a gift. Her writing style allows not just for an overall slow roll tone of dread and tension that is just disturbing. The type of tone that makes your nightmares need a sedative but in the moment, on a scene level, the level of detail and unabashed damage to your mind screams for mental bleach. Never EVER should this book be put onto the screen because there isn’t a director on this planet that could ever do to you what Rainsford can do to your mind.

Follow Me To Ground Review

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And that says nothing for her relationships building – I guess this is where the literary genre comes in. This isn’t just some horror book. There are deep allegories coming into play. But I don’t want to say too much because again look at my first paragraph. I think what you draw up on will depend on where you are coming from. The important part of this is that you will draw something and it will latch on to you like the barnacles on the bottom of the Titanic and it will not let you go.

Not just while you are reading, not while you are done reading and not for a very long time afterwards. And while I might not have known what to expect going into reading Follow Me to Ground, I didn’t quite expect 200 pages to leave that much of an impact. To say I did would be a blatant lie.

Wait That’s It- Ye Of 1500 Word Reviews

YUP… That’s All You Get- 500 Words! See 200 pages and truthfully I feel like the first paragraph already tainted you with my lens too much already. Just know that Ada and her father help Cures- the sick humans in the village by either kinda well… singing to it or burying it. And ok Ada was born of her father… that’s what they do… the Cures come to them for help but they aren’t all that trusting of it either… and yep that’s it. That is all you are getting. Ok And this:

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