December 1, 2023

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In Which Case I Have A Conniption Book Tag (Well That’s What I’m Calling It)

Not Another Most Anticipated Book List. I'm Done And I Can't. But Then This Tag Came Along.... And Why Yes, Yes I Can!

Beginning Of The Year Most Anticipated Release Burn Out

I’m just burned out on talking about my most anticipated book releases for let’s say January-March of this year, from stand-alones to sequels, by genres and authors. I feel like I’ve been doing it in one form or another since the fall. And I’m just done. How done?

I’m so done that I’m going to be that person who is already using Golden Globe memes from this year. Yes, I’m Jennifer Aniston reacting to Brad Pitt’s joke about not bringing his mother to the Golden Globe’s because the media would make jokes about him dating his mom, level of done. That’s how done I am with it. So scratch today’s TTT.

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But THEN I saw a tag go around. I wasn’t tagged in it, but so what. I saw it on DB’s Guide to the Galaxy (who you should totally go follow) and the creator is the creator: Ellyn at Allonsythornraxx. Of course all the rules apply- thank the person who tagged you (no one tagged me). Credit the originator (Ellyn, linked at the beginning of this line) and nominate five bloggers (more or less if you like).

And while, yes it talks about some upcoming books that you are anticipating, it also does some other twisted things… including somethings certain to… well…

Blanche: If I have to listen to one more story about the colorful people from Saint Olaf, I think I’ll explode!
Rose: [walking into the kitchen] Ernest T. Minky was St. Olaf’s librarian…
Blanche: Kaboom!

So let’s get this party started, eh?

PS… Like the title of the tag- changed some of the headings for my own amusement

Most Anticipated Read Of 2020

Aannnnnd straight to final jeopardy. 

Because you hate me and I hate myself for doing this… In a year when M.R. Carey is starting a new series, Rory Power’s Burn Our Bodies Down has been announced, the sequel to Merciful Crow (Faithless Hawk) have dropped a covers, along with Storm CrowAdam Silvera writes his first fantasy novel, the sequel to There Will Come a Darkness has been announced, as well as Silvered Serpents (sequel to Gilded Wolves), the next Venators (Legends Rise) AND Dark Shores (Dark Skies) have also dropped covers… and that is just off the top of my damn head people.. you know what?

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But if you notice there is one book that isn’t in that list and when I bottom line all of it that is my most anticipated book. Ironically, it is also the book I know the least about. But that tells you all I need to know about the author. Tiffany Jackson’s Grown (#HeKnewBetter– that isn’t apart of the title. The hashtag just gives me chills) is out in September (May according to Goodreads but I’m guessing Goodreads is wrong) and if come hell… no…

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Yeah. That is my most anticipated book. Hands down. If someone said. One ARC. One Interview. Pick. Gun to head? That’s it. 

Top 3 “Can’t Wait Books Of 2020”

Really see above since I cheated, anyway… but you know…

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I Couldn’t Care Less But Everyone Else Is Flipping Out Over

Ruthless Gods by Emily Duncan- Either you know or you don’t. I’m just going to leave this here and move on.

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Books I’m Flipping Out Over But The World Couldn’t Care Less About

So I’m going to put two books on this list, for two completely different reasons.

  1. See my most anticipated book of the year, above. Why? Because it never ceases to amaze me how few people know that Tiffany Jackson even exists. And that has only gotten worse since I’ve started working at PT at a bookstore. It is down right depressing.
  2. As The Shadow Rises (The Age of Darkness #2) By Katy Rose Pool- The sequel to There Will Come A Darkness Why?
    •  Everyone has a right to their feels. This isn’t a judgement call. It is my personal perspective. Did I think I would like this book? Yes. Was I blindsided that I loved this book? Yes. Was I even more blindsided that the further I stepped away from the hype surrounding it, the more I loved it? Yes.
    • Was I even MORE shocked by the mixed reviews it received initially? Yes. Have I been continually in a state of what in the name of hell at the continuously mixed, if not downright bad reviews it has received as time has gone on? HELL YES.
    • Having said all of the above? I don’t know that there is nearly as much hullabaloo surrounding As the Shadow Rises as there was There Will Come A Darkness and I am one of few more excited for it than they were There Will Come a Darkness.

Highly Anticipated Book That Is Out Of My Comfort Zone

This is one that really made me think. And actually it is coming up rather quickly. Plus, the truth is? I THINK it is outside of my comfort zone. This is because I’m not terribly sure what the hell I’m walking into but I know I want to read it. I am pretty damn sure it won’t be like anything I’ve read before, which is why I’m putting it in this category. It is also only the second novella I’ve read. So there’s that.

Follow Me To Ground

A Book You’ve Been Waiting On Forever

You know that was kind of last year’s theme with Toll, Queen of Nothing, Kingdom for a Stage, Eight Will Fall and Gravemaidens. I don’t know there are any of those this year. So I’m going to pass on this one.


Top 3 Most Anticipated Backlist Reads

Oh this is a good one because this is a goal for me! Well more than three (A LOT MORE THAN THREE) because you people… but still…

So I don’t know if this is my top three but these are three I physically own so far…

Girls with Sharp Sticks (Girls with Sharp Sticks, #1)



House of Salt and Sorrows

This actually is in the top three.

Top 3 Anticipated Releases For 2021

Are there any 2021 releases known? I believe Leigh Bardugo will release something towards the end of 2020 if not then definitely 2021 but nothing has been announced… so, there’s that. But otherwise, apparently, I’m not with the cool kids.

Year Of The Sequels?

Or maybe this is every year? But 2020 just feels different. Oh and by the way, this is just my own section that I added to the original tag. It is just something I noticed throughout my own post… so many sequels I’m anticipating. Sheesh.

I’m not tagging anyone because– I don’t know if anyone else is fatigued. But take it and run if you want!


 What are some of your anticipated releases? Do you share any of mine?

Come chat to me in the comments and let’s all suffer because how are there so many books out next year??




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