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Friday Favorites: Best Book Cover Awards 2019… Wait What?

There is no way I was going to be able to pick the best books of 2019. I couldn't even pick my best books from the Summer Fling without flinging myself into the fetal position. If I tried to pick the best books of 2019? I'd splatter all over the apartment like I was infected by The Tox. And although I just moved here? I'd like my deposit back, thank you.

Friday Favorites is a weekly meme hosted by Something of the Book. Having enjoyed the couple of times I’ve done Friday Favorites, I really wanted to participate this week. However, I couldn’t even begin to choose my favorite books from the Summer Fling so choosing  my favorite books of 2019? No. BUT then I thought. I know. Another shock. I had a thought. Not questions but a thought!

Well I always have questions. But no I had a thought. Don’t faint or anything! But anyhow, yes I thought! And as everyone knows,  I’m not a cover person. Never have been, never will be. Everyone knows this. No harm no fowl, no judgement. You love them and that is your thing? Then run with it!

Anyhow, I knew even if I tried to do it like the brilliant Dini Panda, and break it into genres? I would explode into something infected by the Tox, and ick. I just moved here. I’d like to get my deposit back. So I wasn’t being forced into choosing. We are bibliophiles. And readers get like this, enough. I’m not forcing myself into it now. Especially with all the January ARCs calling me…

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And I’m completely scattered. Like I started this post two hours again and between My Chemical Romance and everything else? I’m a hot mess-a things. So that kind of concentration, even if I could do it? That is not happening today.

BUT AGAIN, since I am in the minority of the cover loving book readers of the world, I thought this could be interesting, and even fun. Because let me be honest? If I went by the best book covers? I’d never read Six of Crows. NEVER. That book cover is hideous. Ninth House is cool. But Six of Crows? What the hell is that? And Scythe? Uh. Yeah. No. Gilded Wolves. It looks like a curtain. Or maybe a table cover? I don’t even know. OH AND There Will Come A Darkness? WHAT THE HECKIN HECK. Lord geeze.

So let’s see if I can give this one a run for its money. And, of course let me lay down the rules- or my train of thought… because if I don’t none of this will make sense to anyone but me.

I’d rather you be able to just follow the list than spend the post trying to figure out the formula.

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  1. I had to either have read or seen them in 2019. This means they didn’t have to be released in 2019. Ten years ago or ten years from now. Doesn’t matter as long as I saw and/or read them sometime between December of last year and today.
  2. I didn’t actually have to read the book because as it has already been established, I don’t determine whether or not I read something by the cover. So I could have LOVED the cover and read the blurb and went NOPE for one reason or another.
    • Due to both #1 and #2 I will mention the year of the book’s release, whether I read it, and if I did, link the review (if I reviewed it), and if I didn’t read it, why not… or something along those lines.
  3. These aren’t in any particular order, and per usual this post is subject to change if I think of any I’m forgetting. This is very likely, especially as I haven’t worked since Saturday and have a shift at the bookstore today and tomorrow. And right now all I can think of is My Chemical Romance.
    • In fact, just to prove this point – unless I have something for my site to post, or commentary, there will not be any Goodreads links, summaries or the like. They won’t even be numbered. This is, afterall about the best book covers.
  4. If I can think of any other clarifying rules that should be added as I go, I will add them.

John Oliver Check- Are We Cool?

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Best Book Covers of 2019

Last Seer King

Disclaimer: I am a hired beta reader (did I just say that- yes, yes I did- and feel free to contact me if you would like me to do the same for you) for the third book in this series- but that has nothing to do with this.

So yeah this cover. This book cover right here. Brilliant. The cover to the 19th Bladesman was ok but nothing to write home about. This cover? Fantastic. Have no clue what the next one will look like. But I just put a whole lot of pressure on Hartland to come up figure that out. I did read 19th Bladesman and the Last Seer King for the Summer Fling (linked above, and currently on the landing page), and interviewed S.J. Hartland, as well. All linked for your enjoyment.

Hex Life: Wicked New Tales of Witchery

Seriously? Seriously? I actually think it was when I opened the package that Titan sent me that inspired me to revamp my website. Seriously. I could be off on the timing, but I don’t think I am. Or maybe I had decided that it was one thing, should I make it through the hell of fighting for SSDI, I was revamping the site, but seeing this book in my hands gave me the vision of what I wanted. BONUS! The book is insane. Here is the review.

The Written (Emaneska Series Book 1)

Most definitely NOT published in 2019 – try like 2010ish… but the cover for The Written by Ben Galley, is most definitely one of the most unique book covers I have EVER seen and pretty damn wicked. The frayed edges? Distorted character and colors? It is simplistic but not. Love it. And it is single handedly the reason why I started giving adult fantasy books a chance again. And as long as I’m careful about what I pick, for the most part… it has gone pretty well to damn right outstanding- but I’m not going down the rabbit hole, I swear. See the link to my review above.

Seven Deadly Shadows

Welp. This will be short and sweet. It is coming in January 2020 and the cover is bad ass. It calls my dark soul to it like the Sirens to Odysseus (I think I got that right). My review and interview is coming in January. So I’m not saying anything else now.

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At least till my review…. 

Books With Pirates

I have not read the Frith Chronicles yet.

As I just mentioned them in last week’s Saturday Top 5 and my love for each book cover in the series. The third in the series, Dread Pirate Arcanist is coming out in early 2020. Please see the link above for all the information on the series, including Goodreads and publication dates. Needless to say those covers are lit. However, the series sounds incredible and I am very close to diving into the first book!

The Wolf of Oren-Yaro

Let’s just call a spade a spade here. If you are going to call a series, Chronicles of the Bitch Queen? You’d better come up with a bitchin’ cover. And did they ever. I haven’t even read this book yet. I have an ARC and Q and A for everyone to look out for! But I’m telling you right now…

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I’ve featured Wolf of Oren-Yaro  in a lot of posts. But here’s the one with the most information. 

Ok- so I could keep going here IF I really start diving into 2020.

There are some covers that have been dropped even into the fall of 2020 that I’ve really liked. But then if I decide to do this in 2020, then what?

But I do want to end this on one more series that I’ve had the pleasure of both revealing the upcoming cover for, AND also being one of a few Beta Readers. And not in a favoritism way but how often do you get the chance to work closely with an author, Devri Walls, you admire, and a series you are so invested in? <Disclaimer!>

The experience has been INCREDIBLE. The covers are INCREDIBLE, unique and line-up so well with each installment. The colors, how they are utilized and their boldness, are just brilliant. Two I read this year. One as an ARC, One As A Beta Reader. One I read, Venators: Magic Unleashed, in 2018. I am only linking what I’ve posted for the kick-off for the Ultimate Blog Tour the Write Reads is doing, including the exclusive cover reveal for Venators: Legends Rise.

I’ve taken anything else off my site. Because. Spoilers!

Venator Series Best Young Adult Series Venators Legends Rise Devri Walls

OK! What do you think (other than that, yes I know, how could I not love covers and just die at the drop of them)… well I do look for cover drops because then if I want to do a CWW/WOW… I can… kind of like to have a cover for that, but otherwise… how could I not just DIE FOR IT! Well you know me… rebel! 


What were your favorites of the year? How are mine?

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