December 2, 2023

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Relaxing Over Current Reading And Jumping The Shark Over January – This WWW

Welcome to WWW where we don't just talk about what we just read, are reading and will read next. NOPE! We look ahead to January and wonder over the incredible books to come, the loans we will have to take out to pay for them all. AND LOOKIE THERE! It is Kim Kardashian coming to help us out!

It is Wednesday and that means…

What is WWW Wednesday?

1. What books are you currently reading?

2.What books did you recently finish reading?

3.What books do you plan on reading next?

What books are you excited for in January (and man this is just the beginning!)

…WWW World of Words, hosted weekly by Taking on a World of Words.


On a side note- I would have had this out a couple hours ago but *I* had an animated Kim Kardashian. It didn’t work out.  I tried to even post it right <here>. But NOPE. What.Ever.


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Except There’s A Hitch

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Me, too big guy. Me, too.

This is almost the middle of December, and so time to get a jump on those advanced January reviews (especially with those interviews… oh whoops that was supposed to be a secret… anyhow) coming… I’m looking at my timeline and holy what the snowball spiderman? Don’t even try to make any kind of budget resolutions.

If you thought September and October wiped your bank account out? You might as well take out a loan for January. And that’s just January. Mercy. We are about to screw the pooch.

And so, my dear Thor, that is the story. With that, here is my WWW that wraps-up December and kicks off my January marathon. No more information on interviews just yet.

What books did you recently finish reading?

Shatter the Night Book Cover

Shatter the Night by Emily Littlejohn (Released 12/10) Review Coming tomorrow

Devil's Apprentice

The Devil’s Apprentice By Kenneth Anderson- Write Reads Ultimate Blog Tour Review

Slayer Book Review

Slayer Reread/Review 

Now if you pay attention to my Goodreads at all… you can’t even be mad… you know I suck at keeping it straight… and I had to change it anyway because of some stuff that happened and I slipped a little about above… but yeah so somethings had to shift. But even that isn’t new. I mean look at least summer. That summer fling’s calendar was so fluid you’d think… ok let me not got x-rated.

What books are you currently reading?

Chosen Book Cover

Chosen (Slayer #2) By Kiersten White Out January 7th, 2020

And let me just clear this up right now- as far as I know I AM NOT interviewing Kiersten White…

I was already too far in to stop.


Burn the Dark Book Cover

Burn the Dark (Malus Domestica #1) Out January 14th, 2020

Seven Deadly Shadows Book Cover

Seven Deadly Shadows by Courtney Alameda and Valynne E. Maetani Out January 28, 2020

What books will you read next:

Kings Questioner Book Cover

The King’s Questioner By Nikki Katz Out January 14, 2020

Infinity Son book Cover

Infinity Son by Adam Silvera out January 14, 2020

Scavenge the Stars Book Cover

Scavenge the Stars out January 7th, 2020


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