December 1, 2023

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Autumn Book Tag- Are You Ready For Sweater Weather?

Autumn Book Tag: Are You Ready For Sweater Weather

A Tag! Yay A Tag!!! I was actually tagged by three different insanely incredible bloggers with two different versions of this tag. So, I am going to mash them together and make them one of my own! I’m sure no one is surprised that I’m going rogue in one way or another.

Please go visit and follow these incredible and wonderful ladies:

Crooks Books

Sometimes Leelynn Reads

Laurie’s Bookshelf (who is also a bilingual blogger which also astounds me to NO end)

Autumn Book Tag


There aren’t any real rules here except to give credit and thanks where it is due! How could I give rules when I’m breaking them and of course I’m late because- well the move, duh!!

Book Crook thanked Nan & Jen for the tag and Jenniely for the graphics (which I will utilize along with Leelynn’s for everything below).

Leelynn and Laurie thanked Michelle @ Michelle Likes Things for hosting a prompt that was a part of this year’s Bookending Autumn series, hosted by Sam @ Fictionally Sam and Clo @ Cuppa Clo for hosting this year’s Bookending Autumn 2019 series! Click on the Bookending Fall Icon to see the announcement page.

Tag whomever you like and let’s get to it! I won’t tag anyone because… I’m late and soon it’ll be winter tag time!

Hot Chocolate – What is your comfort book?

I know you are all going to think I’m crazy but when you have fallen asleep to the Six of Crows Duology so many times that you sometimes get the Fjerdan National Anthem stuck in your head? Yeah.

Autumn Colors- A Book With Orange/Yellow/Red Cover because

1) I didn’t have an answer for being creative outside this site and I’m so great with it that I had to get someone to help me redesign it.

2) I had an amazing answer for THIS question – because this book doesn’t get NEARLY the love it deserves…

Image result for you bring the distant near

Again- I had two choices for a question here- and the one I chose didn’t line-up with Jenniely’s graphic so I’m utilizing Leelynn’s graphic

Ohhhh and everyone should know where this is going, eh? Most recently I would probably say Tenth Girl… but I’m gonna go back…

Image result for the girl with all the gifts

Ok I had another choice here— and I’ll be honest I chose favorite villain because if there is anything I like that anyone tends to judge either I’m oblivious to it or no one has been blunt enough about it for me to know? I think my obsession with certain <ahem> books makes people roll their eyes back so far that they can see the back of their skulls but otherwise, not that I know of, sooooooo… This is Leelynn’s graphic below…

With Queen of Nothing so close… I was gonna go with Cardan but I thought I’d shake things up a bit…

Image result for angel mage villain

Angel Mage was my first Garth Nix book and while it wouldn’t come close to one of my favorite books of the year, I never really have any “favorite villains,” save, probably Cardan. Then came Liliath. Let’s just face it. She is a boss and I was all for her. She was written so well that you just had to love her and I don’t even mean love to hate her. I mean just LOVE HER. I was rooting for her. I know. She’s the villain but I was rooting for her badass self.

Ok I had THREE choices here- cute contemporary (I don’t do those), books that make me cry- I don’t even remember and books that make me explode with joy (maybe?) SO I went rogue…

Characters that you want to bring home with you and cook chicken soup and protect with your life… AKA the cinnamon roll

Pay attention because this is going to end up like SOC with the Tony Stark Eye Roll…

Image result for there will come a darkness

JUDE- Nuff Said

Pumpkin Spiced Latte – Most Anticipated Fall Book

Again, I know I’m late- BUT there is still one to come and it is less than a week away! Say it with me…


Image result for better late than pregnant


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