July 22, 2024

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Pumpkin Spice Latte Tag- Maybe It Impregnated Me…Or Burst My Ovaries… You Never Know These Days

Well. Unlike Sammie at The Writerly Way, (all art credited to her post).who tagged me, I do drink Pumpkin Spice everything- lattes, fraps, all the things!
So I am thrilled to have been tagged in this thread. Lord I wish Starbucks delivered. Especially now that everything is packed. But let me not get started on yesterday.
Can you spike pumpkin spice drinks…. ok I need to stop at 6:45 AM.
PS I did this on my phone because if you didn’t see the state of my apartment from the disasterous attempt that was yesterday moving truck coming to get my stuff. So if you have seen the Twitter thread? My laptop is in there somewhere and I have to find it.
If not, you should go find the thread though… it is shits and giggles (till someone giggles and shits), a warning and a lesson.
Either way all formatting spelling and grammar that is EVEN worse than normal on this post? Please ignore as I find it an acommplishment to have just completed it on my phone. One with a busted screen, none-the-less.
Carry on…




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Pumpkin Latte

✦ A book you didn’t think you’d love ✦

 Point in fact- I feel attract by Sammie’s answer to this question. If you want to know what that is… you will have to go see her post.

Funny You Should Ask Because It Is An Important One:

The Written Banner2

The Written by Ben Galley

The only reason I even agreed to include it in my summer reads is because of The Write Reads. I gave up on Adult Fantasy a long time ago but Ben Galley gave me hope again and since then I have quite a few gems! There are still those that prove me right (a quite many) but many more that I wouldn’t have found to love if not for this book. And so I say thank you to Ben Galley and The Written.


Hot Apple Cider

✦ A book that got you a little bit hot under the collar ✦

Geeze there are so many ways to take this that I’m going to go with the last book that made reading a contact sport for me (because if I go with the one that created that term it would be the obvious answer-The Girl With All the Gifts).
So… the last book was…
Tenth Girl Sara Faring
The Tenth Girl. Oh hell yes. And right behind it would be Wilder Girls. More than once my I had to remind myself that throwing my Kindle across the room wouldn’t be disastrous. Throwing my paperback of GWATG is one thing. Throwing a Kindle is quite another.


Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

✦ A book that felt like a warm✦

See… I just got a question in another tag like this and… well…

Without directly copying that answer… I’m just not in that place so well…


[wpvideo fddSQtoS]



✦ A book you enjoyed that was hard to get into ✦

Who has a hard time getting into a latte? I am pulling a Corey Booker and walking out on this question.


London Fog

✦ A vanilla character✦

Wow. What does this even mean

 And what does it have to do with coffee?? Lol and by vanilla do we mean not diverse or boring. Or just a great British book- because in that case I’m coming way outta left field. I haven’t had this many questions since JR was shot on Dallas.

Ok I made an executive decision. I’m going British and non-book because:

You can’t beat this shit. Well excepWilliam’s. lack of the Charlatans and criticism of Robbie Williams. His voice and message (once you get past the hits that sell the image) can still explode my ovaries and soul on cue. And that is talent.


Close runner ups are the separate Blur documentary and Oasis documentary (because finding out Liam was hit in the head with a hammer was the final piece of that puzzle, wasn’t it)??



✦ A book that was velvety smooth to read ✦

The more I look back and no matter what the review said at the time? I still am not sure what I read or what A Room away from the Wolves was about. But here is the thing. IT DOES NOT MATTER. I would read anything Nova Ren Suma puts out. Bernie style is complety her own. There is a line in a John Mayer song… what if poetry turned to prose (or vice versa) anyhow.. that’s how her writing is- not like John Mayer- but it’s like prose and poetry is just one in the same and it just lulls you in and than wham… it whacks you over the head with something horrific and then just goes right back again.


Cold Brew

✦ A character whose temperament is icy cold ✦

Well I mean if you are gonna make it that damn easy… although I will ALWAYS argue that hell, no his ethics, moralities and loyalties aren’t univiversal… hell they aren’t even block specific… damn if they even hold steady day to day.. but they ARE there… even if he hates it… he teaches Wylan to not be shamed, watches over Nina at the ice court, won’t give Jesper Jurda and of course… Inej.. and let’s be real he didn’t have to be so nice to Alice. But yeah overall? In the grand scheme of things…


Honey Bee Latte

✦ A character who ios sweet ✦

I do so much in the morally grey but at the end of the day I’m going with the main two characters and those that are their immediately support system in…

Gingerbread Latte

✦ A character you’d take home and make cookies✦

The only thing that triggers me worse than romance is the holidays. So I changed this to a chacter I’d basically want to take home and protect.. and that is most definitely Kaell from SJ Hartland’s Shadow Sword Series that starts with… 19th Bladesman


Ok snarkiness aside (yes yes I know it is out of control but did you see my Twitter yesterday- it is earned)—awesome tag– thank you Sammie!!! Another one coming later today!


I tag

Caffeinated Reader
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(See what I did there)? I have not completely lost my sense of humor! Yet. It is only 8:30

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