July 14, 2024

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This Or That Take Two

Good Morning!
Leelynn over at Leelynn Reads tagged me over the weekend in a new version of a tag that has been running through the bookish community as long as I can remember: This or That. And she spotlights SO MANY bloggers and SO MANY of their posts (including mine) that I’m always happy to have a chance to link her back so everyone has a chance to check out her site and post. You need to give this site a follow!
Plus it gives me a chance to try see what’s new in here meme game because she’s keeping me on my toes. So let’s  get this indecision post meant to drive us all to a migraine started to end September (did I just say that) and before I’m off to my interview, shall we?



Apparently this is a lawless tag- so I’d say just make sure you tag the person that tags you are that you grab it from and other than that- HAVE FUN! LOL 🙂

Only Trilogies or Standalones

Honestly? If It was up to me- which of course it isn’t- standalones. The only caveat to that would be if series (duologies, trilogies or otherwise) were all released at once. This one year in between books really can put a damper on things unless YOU REALLY LOVED THE BOOK- because then usually you have to go back and reread etc… just give me the whole damn thing now, please. Or stand alones, for sure. But it isn’t up to me and I’m a cinnamon roll- so I deal- or if I THOUGHT I really loved something, and then the second book comes out and I can’t be bothered- guess I didn’t really like it as much as I did.
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Only Female or Male Authors

You know. I’ve been thinking about this for a bit. And here’s why. You know how I’ve got this thing about adult Sci-Fi Fantasy, and how I struggle with it except for a few exceptions (ironically a couple of them being female authors like S.J. Hartland– although there are men like Ben Galley, too), well I’m starting to think maybe it isn’t a YA vs Adult thing so much as it is a male writer vs. female writer thing.
Maybe male writers are just more verbose than female writers? I mean it wouldn’t surprise me. Women just get to the point and men… well like to hear themselves talk <ducks and runs> Maybe the ego of wanting to “hear” themselves write leads to the whole twenty pages to describe a tree syndrome- whereas women don’t have that issue in the Adult or Female world. I mean look at Ruth Ware or A.J Hackwith? I could be wrong. But I’m starting to see a trend here. And the YA world is dominated by female writers. BUT I also loved RJ Barker’s Bone Ships, Ben Galley and Jay Kristoff’s NeverNight AND I must mention my absolute adoration for Adam Silvera in YA. Just saying.
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Barnes and Noble Or Amazon

Barnes and Noble. Periodt (that’s how they say it, right). Now ask me about Indies– because me and St. Louis have an issue. I have beef with the maor Indie store that shut down its downtown location for the bougies end of town and abandoned the area that needed it. So yeah. Barnes and Noble. Argue with me St. Louis. I don’t care.

All Books Become Movies or TV Shows

Oh TV Shows for sure and Leelynn’s post nailed why- there is so much more room for development than a movie. And then what if they do a trilogy. Then we go back to the problem with books! Damn it! A year or more between? Oh please not back to that particular brand of hell.
TV Show… I was so HAPPY to find out the Grisha Verse (Is that two words or one- someone help me!) was going to Netflix as a series. Man Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom just deserve better.

um-ready-bring-iton-im-ready-bring-it-on-wandertrust-52255870.pngDamn it! But why Iron Man…

Professional Reviewer or Author

Well considering I started a novel last year and than dropped it – I guess I’m supposed to say author but then I see what authors go to and think… but I’m too sensitive for that particular brand of the wash cycle. So I really don’t know on this one and since I’ve actually been able to pretty much choose on the rest I’m gonna let myself not choose this one. Or I’m gonna say Professional Review with the option to go Author at any time- you know, like a good free agent!
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Top Twenty Books Forever or New Books Forever

How’s about— New books forever and Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom?

<ducks and runs>

Bookseller or Librarian

I’ve always had this silly idea of opening a bed and breakfast with a literary theme. So like each room would have a genre theme with books and the theme would rotate and there would be a library in one of the rooms. Yeah that would take a ton of money I don’t have. But so I guess that would fall under bookseller, right? And it would probably end up like this.
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Only Favorite Genre or All But Your Favorite Genre

Ok look I like a wide array of genres but when it comes down to it I’m a fantasy whore. I couldn’t live without fantasy. So, yeah. I’m sticking with fantasy. And shut. up. I know how that sounds. You all have dirty minds. You know what I meant.
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Physical Books or Ebooks

Physical. Books. Every day and twice on Sunday. If it was up to me I would have a house with a separate wing of nothing but books.
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OK! That’s that! I’m not tagging anyone because I tagged a load of people over the weekend in the Netgalley tag! But please take it, use it and have fun with it!

How did I do- What do you think? Would you answer the same? How are my answers? Talk to me!

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