September 27, 2023

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Thank You To The Write Reads

I don’t even know where to begin with this post, to be honest. Many have started with how they came to find The Write Reads. Since I’m not sure where to start, I should start there.
Oh. Wait. What if you don’t know. You should know.

So there’s that. The Write Reads Emblem of Pride… It has been on my blog since… hm. Well since a couple months after I returned from my hiatus, yes? The Write Reads is this community. Community. Let’s define community.

Definition of community

1a unified body of individuals: such as
bthe people with common interests 
ca group of people with a common characteristic or interest 
da body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society the academic community the scientific community
2:  a social state or condition: such as
bjoint ownership or participation community of goods
ccommon character LIKENESS community of interests
dsocial activity  
3society at large the interests of the community
Because truly, The Write Reads truly is a community. We share reading and writing, yes. These are obvious factors that we come together and support each other with daily. It is the common tie that binds us. But we all expand beyond it and support each other through much more than just this initial spark.
Other interests come about. Life circumstances tether and fray. We support each other. Behind the scenes. When our lives expand and so to does what we decide to talk about on the interwebs? We don’t throw each other to the side. We don’t decide you don’t belong. Everyone stays. Everyone is included. As long as you are caring, supportive and open to those around you? You are apart of our community. End. Game.
When everything seems fine on social media platforms and through our cheery blogs, reviews and the such? We are there for eachother when reality dictates that things might be falling apart. There is a trust. There is an unknown understanding. Things are shared and friendships are forged. This isn’t just about sites and comments and likes. It is about a link to a smile and knowing you can reach out and someone will be there if you need them.
I was lucky enough to have this hand extended to me when another group decided I just wasn’t enough. When another group decided I wasn’t their form of perfect. And that’s cool. Everyone doesn’t fit everywhere. Everything happens for a reason and I landed exactly where I belong.
Dave leads this extraordinary group of people, talented and gifted creatives into amazing opportunities. He has plans and goals because he wants to see everyone succeed.  He is the leader of a community that inspires me daily. Where I can contribute, support and offer any advice I can, I do. I am a blessed fool to be here.

For everything you have done, continue to and will do- Thank you- for just letting me be apart of this incredible community. 


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