September 23, 2023

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Changes and Updates! The Tenth Girl, Clue, Issa Mood Support Groups – THANK YOU And Hitting The Road In The Week That Was At Novel Lives

*Changes and updates below! Check it out!*

Next week I post my interview with Diana Peterfreund, author of In the Hall With the Knife: A Clue Mystery, and I am too fan girl excited. In complete geek out anticipation of the interview and then review, the following week, we are going to have fun for a few a bit!

#Emotional Flailing- The Og


Before you dive into the week that was, if you want advice or just reassurance on mood reading, plowing through ARCs and the pressure of publisher deadlines? PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS WEEK’S WWW POST!

I asked for help and the community headed the call!!!!


So to anyone at all that is looking for it, please check it out! They are dear, sweet, loves and there is just a wealth of knowledge that they poured out to me!

Lastly, check out the updates at the end- I’ve got that back together again!


Found Family Heist With Diverse Cast And Cultural Themes Makes Gilded Wolves By Roshani Chokshi A Gem Among Fantasy Reads (Reread)- Review


Real Neat Blogger Award Tag


Book Blogger Interviewer Award Tag!



Because it is Wednesday WWW- Down and Dirty Reading Discussion! Talk to me!- But Help Me Now Because ISSA MOOD!


Can’t Wait Wednesday: The Wolf Of Oren-Yaro By K.S. Villoso #CWW #WOW



Like The Tick. Tick. TICK. Of A Rollercoaster Slowly Creeping Up To The First Drop. You Aren’t Ready For The Tenth Girl By Sara Faring out September 24th



Ashes To Ashes We All Fall Down… This First Line Friday



Saturday Tag- Top Five Books I Have Read Or Want To Read With Road Trips

September Will Not Be Stopped!

And so comes September… but fear not! There are so many books to look forward to over September and October. Do not lose hope! And this week is going to kick things up a notch after a relatively quiet week!
Tuesday will bring the aforementioned interview with Ms. Peterfreund and possibly a surprise! Thursday will bring the review of Tiger Queen by Annie Sullivan! Wednesday and Friday will keep the fun with Orbit rolling! Saturday I have my FFBC book/blog tour stop for Kingdom of Souls, finally! I have been sitting on this review for like a month!!!!
Coming up is Rebel Girls, Suggested Reading and then we are off to the races with the end of September and October releases. I am currently finishing Library of the Unwritten and starting Angel Mage by Garth Nix! Hot Damn!


Somehow- like Friday-  I just acquired an ARC of Reverie by Ryan La Sala…. didn’t see that coming! 
Recently (because I haven’t done this in ages)- I had acquired Silvered Serpents, Realm of Ash, Queen of the Conquered, Wolf of Oren-Yaro, Spell Hacker and if I’m going way back because I really haven’t done this in a while- Infinity Son, King’s Questioner, Queen in Hiding, Seven Deadly Shadows and Scavenge the Stars.
There are others pending that I’m hopeful for…. we will see!

To Close things out…

I promised I would let Diego’s neck have a break so rest #2… you did the Summer Fling proud! With fall comes plaid and when I think plaid, I think Spaceballs. So… Ludicrous Speed it is. We will go plaid this fall…

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