December 2, 2023

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Top (Five) Tuesday: Book Characters I Would Want To Crash A TV Show Or Movie

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday from Artsy Reader Girl is Top Ten Characters I would want as best friends. I really want to do a Top Ten because I haven’t in a long time. However, I was pretty sure I did one just like this recently and when I searched my blog I did find one. If you would like to check it out it is here:

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters from TV and Books I Want to Hang With

I also remember one that I missed that I really wanted to do with a twist. So I decided to go back and do that, instead. And so I give you the Tuesday Top (Five) Book Characters I would want to crash a TV Show or Movie.

1) Nina Zenik (Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom)– > Coupling

Art by Kevin Wada

Coupling. Image shows from L to R: Jane (Gina Bellman), Susan (Sarah Alexander), Jeff (Richard Coyle), Steve (Jack Davenport), Sally (Kate Isitt), Patrick (Ben Miles). Copyright: Hartswood Films Ltd.

Ok so brief explanation for those that don’t know Coupling. It is the raunchier, British take on Friends. And it is hysterical. I liked Friends but Coupling was far better. Nina could stand with and match wits with the entirety of them. Jeff would have a lot more than random chicken parts running around his brain. Patrick’s third eye would be permanently shut. Steve… well, Steve would just be too busy digging out of his latest gaffe with Susan. And Nina, if she so choose, would flirt her way into Jane’s bedroom in three seconds flat. Sally would probably just be entirely jealous that she existed and was much younger than her.


2) Purple Demon Smoke (Smoke Thieves/Demon World)—> Avengers EndGame

Image result for avengers endgameOk. Demon Smoke isn’t a “character”. But can we look past that for the greater good? Because it heals things. And think about it. I don’t want to give away EndGame because for the few souls that haven’t seen it, um what are you waiting for?? I mean outside of those that just don’t care… But either way, for those that have… think about it. It heals. And if someone had it. Then… well…. yeah. Ok. Before I start crying. 



3) The Thunderhead (Scythe/Thunderhead/Toll) —> Good Place

Image result for Thunderhead Book Cover

Related image

The Thunderhead isn’t supposed to interfere. He wants nothing more than the best for humanity. He sees everything. Sticking him in The Good Place? He would know everything. He would know what Michael is up to. He would know that the fab four don’t belong there and everything that befalls them from episode one but he couldn’t stop anything. He could root for them and hope for them. But what else could he actually do? Nothing. It would break The Thunderhead. But it would be nothing but fun for the rest of us. Ok maybe just me. But I’m going with it.


4) Verida (Venators Unleashed/Promises Forged)—> Angel

Image result for angel tv show gif

Front Cover

Why didn’t Dracula ever show up on Angel? I mean it stands to reason he would pop up out of the Hellmouth, no? Well why not have his daughter, Verida come to Los Angeles, instead? I mean it makes perfect sense. Wolfram and Heart would certainly love her services. Who better to bring Angel down than than Dracula’s daughter? And who better to double-cross them and seek Angel’s help than Dracula’s daughter? I think this is one time Joss Whedon missed an amazing storyline. If he can bring Darla back and knock her up with Angel’s son? I think he could have gotten this down. Let’s get it done.


5) Deadly Class—>Umbrella Academy

Image result for deadly class vol 1 cover
You could go either way with this. Comic to TV show  or vice versa. Doesn’t matter. For the cap-off we have the whole vs. the whole because FUN. The whole of the Deadly Class from Kings Dominion High for the Deadly Arts vs. The Umbrella Academy (Ben and #5 included). Yes a group of assassins in training vs a group of enhanced individuals battling to the death. Brilliance! Both groups highly dysfunctional.  Both groups often wanting to kill each other as much as those they are standing against. A battle royale? Absolutely. Highly entertaining. Hell yes! Who they will actually be fighting? Who knows? Could be fighting within their own ranks or actually pull it together to actually fight the other group. In a stunning (maybe not so stunning) twist of events they could cross enemy lines to form alliances and take down whoever they can get to first. Grab the popcorn kids! Everyone is fair game till just one is left standing. 


OK! I can only imagine- let me have it. What do you think of how I did? What/who would you choose to cross over? 


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