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Character Driven Second Installment Blog Tour Review Demon World (Smoke Thieves Book #2) By Sally Green Released 8/6 (Spoilers For Smoke Thieves Only)

Smoke Thieves Spoilers Below!

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Demon World Summary

A princess. A soldier. A servant. A demon hunter. A thief. When we last saw them, this unlikely group was heading into the Northern Territory of the kingdom of Pitoria, on the run from the sadistic and power-hungry King Aloysius of Brigant. The Smoke Thieves have discovered that demon smoke is not only an illegal drug used for pleasure, but in fact, when taken by children, demon smoke briefly gives its users super-human strength. Aloysius’ plan is simple and brutal: kill the demons for their smoke, and use that smoke to build an unstoppable army of children to take over Pitoria, Calidor, and then the rest of the world. The Smoke Thieves are the only ones who understand this plan–but can they stop it? Catherine, Aloysius’ daughter, is seen as a traitor from all sides; Tash is heartbroken after the loss of her one friend and sees nothing left for her in the human world; Edyon is wanted for murder; March is carrying the secret of his betrayal of his new love; Ambrose is out for revenge–and all the while, the demons have plans of their own…


Demon World picks up right where Smoke Thieves leaves off. Each character having suffered tremendous loss or the uncertainty of possible loss, while still harbouring secrets of their own.
In the first installment of the Smoke Thieves series, each character showed different demonstrated tremendous strength. From Catherine’s ability to win over the nation of Pitoria to Tash’s will, Edyon’s sheer gift of survival by words to Ambrose’s unselfish choice of duty over heartbreak.
However, we also learned of each character’s ability of deceit that left them all in very grey areas. Green continues to create characters that are at once sympathetic and morally questionable. You can’t help but both root for them and question them throughout the story.
As the plot unfolds each characters is faced with the choice to start owning up to the hidden truths they have been holding since Smoke Thieves. For some it will set them free and for some it will cost them everything.

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Sally Green lives in Cheshire, England. She has had various jobs from her first paper-round to a career as an accountant, but in 2010 she started writing a novel and that changed her life. She still runs most days despite several attempts to give it up.

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