February 24, 2024

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Hockey And Reading Collide, Moral and Personal Conflicts, Thieving Bastards, Enigmatic Books And Asian Culture This Week In Novel Lives

Instead of the normal upfront funsie- I just want to remind everyone that tomorrow, in conjunction with author Julie Eshbaugh I am launching the Pre-Order Campaign and a giveaway for Crown of Oblivion which for now you can see here: Summer Fling  (and in the below WOW/CWW post)! 

Until then tomorrow kicks off the first full week of August (aye!), here is the confused, last few days of July and first few days of August,  week in review :


Moral Undercurrents Reflecting Social Class And Personal Conflict Set Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen Apart From The Fantasy Genre- ARC Book Tour Review- Releases 7/30


Win The ENTIRE BACK CATALOG (Over 15 books) OF Gossamer Mage (Out 8/6) Author Julie Czerneda- Link To Enter At The Bottom Of Q and A. Now, Toronto Maple Leafs Vs. LA Kings- Let the Fight err… Games… err Blog Tour Begin..

(Gossamer Mage Review Coming Tuesday)

Shatter The Sky By Rebecca Kim Wells Offers A Diverse Cast Of Characters, A Fresh Take On Dragons And Strong Female Protagonists For Younger Young Adult Readers



Because it is Wednesday WWW- Down and Dirty Reading Discussion!


Can’t Wait Wednesday: Crown of Oblivion By Julie Eshbaugh PLUS Pre-Order Launch and Rafflecopter Giveaway Information #CWW #WOW



A World Set Loose From England, Rotherweird By Andrew Caldecott Is A Distinctive Mystery With A Haunting Past



Blog Tour Reread/Review Smoke Thieves (Smoke Thieves Book 1) – Brilliant Array Of Characters And Twisty Plot Sets-Up New Series By Sally Greene, Out Now- Sequel, Demon World Out 8/6

Blog Tour Continues with the sequel, Demon World Friday, 8/9



Saturday Tag- Top 5 Books Set In Asia I Want To Or Have Read (Really more influenced by Asian Culture, as I explained in the post…)

Next week- Oh well… since you asked

Monday — As mentioned above I have the great honor of launching the Crown of Oblivion Pre-Order Campaign and Giveaway for Julie Eshbaugh! Tuesday, we have the Gossamer Mage Review Blog Tour Stop (and don’t be shocked to see a second post). Thursday- we get to return the Witchy Eye series with an interview with author D.J. Butler and the second book Witchy Winter. Friday,we have our last stop on the Demon World blog tour when we follow up with the Smoke Thieves Blog Tour with the second book in the series, Demon World with the review and playlist…  which should prove… interesting

SO HOW WAS YOUR WEEK? I hope you had a great end of July and have kick started August into a bang! I know from some of the wrap-up July posts that some accomplished goals and some are looking to accomplish more in August. How about you? 

#2 take it away… 

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