December 1, 2023

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Silvera’s Fantasy, Must Read Thrillers, Margaret Owen’s Interview, Non-Tropey Female Heroines And About That Heatwave… This Week In Novel Lives

The last full week of July is behind us (Well damn) and here come the last three days of this month. But with Europe in the worst heatwave… ever. And the midwest having just gone through one, how about comic relief?

I have a Summer Fling  announcement coming on Wednesday!

Here’s a hint: It has to do with First Line Friday and will be fully announced with Can’t Wait Wednesday/Waiting on Wednesday! Get excited!!!

Until then, here is the last full week in July’s week in review (speaking of which, I think the titles of my posts are getting absurdly long… I have to work on it):


Merciful Crow Author Margaret Owen Wonders Why No One Has Asked About Book 2 Spoilers, Discusses Barf And Wanting To Help RAICES Raise Money With A Limited Edition Print In This Q and A With Novel Lives


Containment (Sanctuary, #2)

Giveaway Deadline Is Tonight! Diverse, Developed Characters And Worlds With Depictions Of PTSD And Grief Sets Caryn Lix’s Containment Apart From Its Sci-Fi Counterparts

Previously (incase you want to check them out):

Caryn Lix Interview

Review of Sanctuary (first book in the Sanctuary Series)




Because it is Wednesday WWW- Down and Dirty Reading Discussion!


Can’t Wait Wednesday: Infinity Son (Infinity Cycle #1) by Adam Silvera #CWW #WOW



Wonky Eyed, Bad Mannered And Unabashedly, Unapologetically Herself, Sarah Calhoun Is The Young, Female Protagonist We Didn’t Know We Needed




REMEMBER! If you want the first hint #1 to the announcement coming Wednesday, check out this post!



Saturday Tag- Top 5 Psychological Thrillers I Want To Or Have Read

If I Can’t Suspend Disbelief? Houston, We Have A Problem. Here There Are Monsters- An ARC Review

Next week- we say a final goodbye to the last three days in July and hello to a half week in August (sheesh)! And July isn’t going out quietly!

Monday we have a blog tour review of Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen . Tuesday, Novel Lives joins the Gossamer Mage blog tour with an interview of Julie E. Czerneda, along with the giveaway of her entire back catalog! Wednesday, we have a twist on the usual with an an announcement from Friday and #CWW and #WOW! Thursday and Friday we hit the road for two more blog tours (blog or book tours? It seems to depend who you ask… but someone help me get it right, maybe???) … Rotherwierd and The Demon World (which will happen both this Friday and next Friday).

Of course, as always there might be surprises along the way… you never know! Then we go fullfleged into August- where the Summer Fling will Wrap-up!!! Wow!

SO HOW WAS YOUR WEEK? This week was much better than last week, for me, for sure! Let’s finish these last three days of  July with a bang! Everyone on both sides of the pond stay cool! Stay hydrated!

Let’s hope our idiot leaders can save the world from climate change. By “our” I mean America. I hope everyone’s around the world are more on the ball.

#2 take it away… 

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