April 18, 2024

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Two Author Interviews With Giveaways, An Atmospheric Fairy Tale, Good People, Kaell's Continued and Abbohrent Torture, Heroic Means Justify A Heroic End? And Anticipated Sequels: This Week In Novel Lives

I’ve been saving a repeatedly offered free month of Netflix for one reason and one reason only

Part (Season) 3 of Money Heist, the international hit out of Spain, dropped on Friday. Since I hate giving aways spoilers- in case you don’t know of Money Heist (apparently it is the most streamed show on any platform) Here is the trailer from part 1:

Go ahead and watch all three parts- I dare you not to binge them all either in Spanish with the subtitles, or the English overdub. You can thank me later. 

Psst… Speaking of Netflix… checkout some Emmy news about my other favorite Netflix right at the end of the post! 

This is one of those rare times when the  Summer Fling  doesn’t have any announcements! But as we hit the home stretch– wait, what-I know? I know! I’m not really surprised. Unless any surprises come through- which as the NY Lottery used to say- HEY! You never know, we are set through the middle of August!


Atmospheric, Witty and Sharp-Tongued Desdemona And The Deep by C.S.E Cooney Is An Adult Fairy Tale Novella Before Disney Sanitizes It- An ARC Review Out 7/23 Via Tor.Com

If you haven’t, checkout this amazing interview with the author C.S.E. Mooney



Ahead Of The Release Of Containment (Sanctuary Series Book #2) Author Caryn Lix Discusses A Love Letter To Marvel And Resident Evil, Traveling To Tokyo, Students That Inspire And How Sometimes It Isn’t The Book- It Is Timing- oh and pssst- GIVEAWAY!

Don’t forget- FIRST GIVEAWAY! For USA/Canada/UK residents to qualify for an ARC of Containment (Sanctuary Series Book #2) you must complete all steps by midnight EST 7/23:

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Here is my non-spoiler review of Sanctuary (first book in the Sanctuary Series), pictured on the left.



Because it is Wednesday WWW- Down and Dirty Reading Discussion!

By Susan Rebecca White Demonstrates Her Spectacular Historical Research… But What Happened To The Story? ARC Review- Released 8/6



Wildly Engaging, Wordplay Enthusiast And Realistic Optimist- Rotherweird Author Andrew Caldecott On How A Lawyers Love for Uncovering Hidden Truths For Nefarious Deeds Increases Capacity In Fantasy Writing

DON’T FORGET! Second Giveaway (USA/CANADA ONLY due to shipping cost- Hard copy, finalized Arc of Rotherweird).

You must complete all steps by midnight EST 7/23:

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Readers: Can A Hero Go To Far In His Quest To Defeat Evil? Can A Reader Claim Temporary Insanity In Court When A Character Is Continuously Tortured Beyond Reason? All That And More In The Last Seer King (Shadow Sword Series Book #2) By SJ Hartland



Saturday Tag- Top 5 Sequels (5– Right… Try Again… This Might Hit 10) You Want To Read Or Have Read

Now as for next week- The last full week in July– I don’t know HOW that happened- but apparently it did?

And it is going to be a great one!
Monday we have the privilege of an interview with the author of The Merciful Crow, Margaret Owen.Tuesday we have the review of Containment by Caryn Lix and the window closes on both giveaways mentioned above (winners will be announced on Wednesday). Speaking of Wednesday we have the ever faithful WWW  and maybe a second surprise… we will see how ambitious I am feeling! Thursday is the rescheduled review of Witchy Eye (Witchy Eye Series Book #1 by DJ Butler). While Friday is going to a bit of my choice so stay tuned! Saturday we return with the series from Devouring books and also a possible second review depending on how things pan out this week! 

Remember that other little Netflix announcement? Congratulations to my ever lovable #4, Diego, Gerard and everyone responsible for the Umbrella Academy, which was nominated for two Emmy Awards!

SO HOW WAS YOUR WEEK? I hope it was better than mine! Lord I’ve said that two weeks in a row, for two very different reasons… It will get better… It has to, right? Right. Let’s go end July with a bang! Like a Boss as the gang from Money Heist would say!

#2 take it away… 

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