December 1, 2023

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Lessons Learned, A Hideous Heart, Kingdoms That Await, A Goblin Girl To Rule Them All And How Weird Am I? Well I'm So Weird That… All In This Week At Novel Lives

A Redirection and Lessons Learned

As quickly mentioned yesterday, lessons were learned recently, as they are bound to be while attempting a summer book romp. I’m just lucky that everyone was so supportive. Baen Publishing, DJ Butler and SJ Hartland took it all in stride when I coyly said, can we change a few dates… my bad.

When scheduling reviews here are two things I suggest you never do:

  1. Don’t try to summarize/review two books in a series in one blog post.
  2. Certainly don’t attempt number one when you are reviewing another book the next day.

And for further reference of my idiocy– each of the three books were somewhere between 600-700 pages. Do the math. There was no good way of pacing that one out.

With a bit of maneuvering and tweaking, crisis averted and train is back on the tracks. Hence all the tags the past weeks. As for why this post has come so late in the day today. As many have picked up on, my brother has been in the hospital, I got cursed out for trying to do my job as a lifeguard yesterday, and so yeah… it has been a bang-up week. All  adjustments have been made in the Summer Fling post.
this is gettng serious

 However, the  Summer Fling  had some big announcements this week with the Hideous Heart blog tour joining the fun and two giveaways happening in the coming week-       see below!

Now onto the actual week in review…


From The Desert She Reached For The Stars- Meet Author of Desdemona And The Deep C.S.E Cooney- An Artist Extraordinaire Who At Age Four Told Her Mom She’s Going To Live On The Stage Became A Goblin Girl And Never Looked Back


Sci-Fi Horror With A Diverse Cast Of Well-Developed Characters, A Believable World Where Nothing Is What It Seems Sets-Up The The Sanctuary Series With Sanctuary (Sanctuary Series Book 1) by Caryn Lix (Spoiler Free)- Containment (Book #2) Out 8/6

Don’t Miss Our Interview with Ms. Power From Last Week!


Because it is Wednesday WWW- Down and Dirty Reading Discussion!


In Which We Ask Stupid Questions- Why Am I So Weird – but I was tagged by @proudbookreviews so blame her. Ten are tagged- are you it? Are you weird? Let me know? I know I’m weird but if I missed something feel free to add it!


Contrary To Popular Belief It DOES NOT Say Pet Me. I REPEAT. It DOES NOT Say Pet Me


Top 5 Books about Royalty I want to Read

Saturday Tag- Top 5 Books About Royalty /Kingdoms I Have Read Or Want To Read And Clue Enters Takes My Ability To… Express The Delay In This Week’s Reviews.


Now as for next week

Next week will balance out nicely… it is a week of interviews and giveaways that are bookended by two reviews. Monday will have the review of Desdemona and the Deep by C.S.E. Cooney and Friday the rescheduled review of The Last Seer King by S.J. Hartland. In the middle we have Caryn Lix, author of Sanctuary and Containment, along with the kickoff of the Containment ARC giveaway. Then the interview with Andrew Caldecott, author of Rotherweird and the kickoff of that finalized hardcover ARC giveaway!
There may be some surprises lurking around the shadows during the week and weekend… just stay tuned!

As stated previously: Containment will be a US/Canada/UK giveaway as it is paperback. However, Rotherweird will have to be US only being it is hardback. I am shipping them and just don’t have the money to do otherwise. Sorry 🙁


SO HOW WAS YOUR WEEK? I hope it was better than mine! Did you take some time to yourself? Fun vacations? Or did you just keep on killing it?! 

#2 take it away… 

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