September 27, 2023

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In Which We Ask Stupid Questions- Why Am I So Weird – but I was tagged by @proudbookreviews so blame her. Ten are tagged- are you it? Are you weird? Let me know? I know I’m weird but if I missed something feel free to add it!

I was tagged by Anthea at Proud Book Reviews  to do this tag. For those who read my blog on even a semi-regular basis (PS to the bloggers among you- sorry for the lack of hopping yesterday- it was a crazy day- I will make up for it today), I’m sure you are thinking well I can give you a million reasons….

This tag was created by Delly on Twitter, you can also find them at their blog.

Why am I weird tag rules

  • List ten weird things about yourself, your life, or silly habits that you wouldn’t normally share
  • Tag up to ten people so you can get to know them better
  • Link back to the person who tagged you and the creator
  • Comment on the posts of people you tagged – and feel free to comment on mine– I might regret that later but why not?

My ten weird facts are:

  1. My inability to communicate without memes and gifs has gotten to a point that I will either pull out my phone to flash them at him or literally act them out… well ok there is only one I will act out… and not in public… yet. Right now my favorites are:

Image result for sad bunny crawling

This is the one I’ve been known to act out with my head down and just my arms, I swear!

Image result for tony stark gif

Ok fine! If I can’t show it, I’ve often quoted it.

Image result for sometimes i want to punch you in your perfect teeth
broke me too far GIF
Image result for Tony Stark Internal Screaming
Image result for Captain America Gif

<Edit> How did I even forget Castle???

Image result for Thor Yes
emotional flailing
And the newly debuted:
Image result for penguin happy feet dance
2) I’m a random data base of lyrics, TV (one specific but that is its own separate/special kind of weird) and movie references. I’d say pop culture but it isn’t “pop” – it is MY culture… so yes, he’s right. We are having a conversation and I’ll say something and he will be like- wow that was really prophetic and sometimes I’ll let it slide and sometimes I’ll be honest and say… yeah that wasn’t me.. that was X songwriter or band or tv show etc.
You would see more music in my blogs, if I was, you know… listening to it at the moment.
3) More specific to the above … there isn’t a Golden Girls episode I can’t recite, relate to or connect to a situation or conversation. And again, if you have been paying attention AT ALL… you’d noticed that a long, long time ago. How about a new one, shall we?


4) Ok. Fine. You all know anyway… so fine. Hell it is on my ABOUT page. Hell Leigh Bardugo knows. I just haven’t  met her yet so she can sign the front plate… yet (Missouri doesn’t require a front plate)… YES my car is named Kaz… and yes, my license plates SAY KAZ. OK? Fine. Moving on…

5) I don’t know what is so weird about this and truthfully I can’t even explain why I do it so  maybe it is weird. Every time I go out to eat I have to have a diet soda. Well ok. That doesn’t sound odd but it isn’t just that I have to have a diet soda. It is that if I have a drink, I have to have a diet soda WITH the drink. Not just the drink and water… but diet soda, the drink and water. Whether it is a beer, a drink or wine (not all three at once… now that would be more than weird… that would be — well not to judge, but I think a problem), I have to have a diet soda with it. I don’t know why.

6) When taking long drives (mind you he considers anything over let’s say 4 hours long where that is a turn-around trip  for me) I don’t even use a map or GPS – for the most part. I generally know where I’m going and head in that direction. I like to get lost (assuming I’m not on a time limit). How do you think I got lost in the rockies for 36 hours and spent a day driving through Colorado? Or found llamas on an unpaved road in Wyoming? Or got stuck in a traffic jam caused by buffalo? Or found the most beautiful reservoir in South Dakota to swim in? It isn’t by using a map. It is about the adventure and spontaneity. That’s also why I prefer driving to flying. Go out. See the country (not the landmarks and tourist attractions- I mean see those too, but get off the beaten track and have fun).

7) Yes.  I’m married to the LA Kings. Mind you THEY Don’t know that but that’s not my fault. They need to pay  more attention. And once they are traded… well depending on the player I might still hold affection but that’s it, marriage over. I’m married to the TEAM. Keep it straight people. Just like I could have sex with the game of hockey. I’m no puck bunny but the game of hockey is straight up hot. The GAME. Not the players, not anything of the sort but if the game was a person… all bets are off. Hockey porn is a thing.

8) I have a fascination with the Gateway Arch that led to my spontaneous move to St. Louis ten  years ago. Fact. Do with it what you wish. No one who lives here understands it (I’m not sure he understands it). But I do. It isn’t perfect but neither is St. Louis. It is beautiful and flawed. Most things that are deep and beautiful are scarred and that is part of what makes them so amazing. That is what makes it so representative of the city in which it resides. It is also the largest silver lining in the world. Leaving it will be the hardest thing I ever do. It will shatter my heart for multiple reasons.—> And it has. The fact that I just had to edit this on 11/26/2019 to remove the reason it did is proof enough.

9) Do you really need a 10? How about the fact that Pavel, Liam and Gomez are more popular than I am?

Who am I tagging?

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