April 19, 2024

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Ghostly Private Investigator Brings Justice To Brutally Murdered In Dick Wybrow's The InBetween

In a world of violent death, those that are that are murdered can’t pass on fully until their predator is brought to justice in The InBetween by Dick Wybrow. That is where a ghostly private investigator, Peter Mann comes in.

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Mann, the only (that he knows of) ghost P.I. and his Scooby Gang referred to as “temps,” help victims of the most brutal deaths find the justice necessary move on from the limbo they are stuck on to eternal peace.
Add in a dark sense of humor, which I found quite entertaining but may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and it really reminded me of the Buffy spin-off Angel (I always preferred Angel). That is, if instead of being out of the Hellmouth and led by a Vampire with a soul, they were all ghosts.
Original, brutal in description and humorous, for a while I thought it wasn’t going to falter. Unfortunately, towards the middle of the book it found room to stumble. Multiple storylines weren’t coming together. Eventually they would but it was a bit too late for full impact.
The length of time it took for those storylines to meet-up caused memory gaps. I found myself going back to reread parts so that I could be sure I was understanding the significance of when storylines did intersect.
Unfortunately that took steam out of the twists and turns in the last third of the book. If there was a more clear, coherent map of how the storylines were coming together, the last third of the book would have really walloped the punch. With that in place, the In Between would have been a great summer read by the pool nostalgic of Angel. High praise indeed, coming from me.

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