July 15, 2024

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Mid-Year Freak Out Tag…. Next Year Can We Call This The Mid-Year GO TEAM ME Tag or even GO TEAM ALL BLOGGERS Tag

It is the end of June and so I thought I would join the Mid-Year fun that I’ve seen everyone else doing with the Mid-Year Fre—NOPE I’M NOT DOING IT… GO TEAM ME TAG… or GO TEAM BLOGGERS TAG! Expect me to break some rules… it is what I do. This tag was originated by…  Books and Co and tags… EVERYONE!

Of course this tag really belongs to me AND Gomez

Good Reads

Ok. To be fair I was either on unemployment and/or trying to find a part-time work through April and then once I did the river went kaboom and then really didn’t start a part-time job until this month. But then again to give myself SOME credit..

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1) Best Book You’ve Read So Far in 2019

I hate these questions and I have a three way tie (one I’ve just gushed about on the twitter and haven’t even posted the review- it will post Tuesday). Either way, you can’t make me choose and I’m not doing it. So here they are in no particular order.

Heroine Review



wilder girls


2) Best Sequel You’ve Read So Far in 2019

As Staples says… That was easy.


Nostalgia Review Rewrite

3) New Release You Haven’t Read Yet But Really Want To…

Another Simple One… AND DON’T HIT ME… I HAVE IT FROM THE LIBRARY.. JUST.. You know… Summer Fling and All



4) Most Anticipated Release of 2019…


Ninth House
The Toll (Arc of a Scythe Book 3)
A Kingdom for a Stage (For a Muse of Fire)
The Queen of Nothing (The Folk of the Air Book 3)

5) Biggest Disappointment?

I’m answering this under protest. I don’t like the question.  Everlasting Rose
(Sequel to the Bells– Yes I wrote a review if you want to go read it)
The Everlasting Rose (Belles, The Book 2)

6) Biggest Surprise?

It wasn’t that I didn’t think I would like it- I just didn’t expect to like it THIS MUCH…

Dark Shores


7) I’m Holding Judgement On For Now Because There Are Too Many On Slate- Sorry

8) Favorite New Character

I can’t say I have a “favorite new character” from this year’s releases. If we were talking 2018 releases? I could give you a couple. Not sure about this year and a single character. That isn’t a knock on characters this year but it was more about whole plotlines, ensemble casts and not individual characters. Maybe it was the books I was drawn to reading?

9-11) Favorite New Crush- Made You Happy- Made You Cry?

Books Don’t Do That To Me Really- I Just Don’t Work That Way. And the Crush thing… Yeah. No. I get choked up rarely and before one person mentions Kaz… hell no. That is I deeply connect and relate to … GOD HELL NO… not a crush.

12) Favorite book to movie adaption you’ve seen this year?

I’m going TV on this one and you all know what that means…


Umbrella Academy- Top Ten Moments from Season 1

13) Favorite Review You’ve Written So Far?

I don’t know if I feel like I should answer this question … I asked my friend asking next to me and he said:

Let Me Hear a Rhyme Review/Tiffany Jackson Introduction to the World

Storm Crow Review

Interview with 19th Bladesman (Shadow Sword Series Book 1) Author SJ Hartland

Do you agree? Disagree? I’d love to know because I have no clue!

15) A Book You Have To Read By The End Of The Year?

Seriously? Ok Take Two! LOL

Ninth House
The Toll (Arc of a Scythe Book 3)
A Kingdom for a Stage (For a Muse of Fire)
The Queen of Nothing (The Folk of the Air Book 3)


Thoughts? Questions? Comments? What are your answers? Anything in common or completely different? Want to kill me for not choosing or over AR? I know you do!

I am DEFINITELY looking forward to the rest of the year! It is going to be brilliant!!!!!!!!


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