November 30, 2023

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TGIF – AM I RIGHT? DOUBLE THE FUN! Currently Reading Tag!

Currently Reading Tag

Happy Friday!!!!! Hope everyone is ready for the weekend!!!! I thought I would hit it up with two posts today since the lovely A Reader To Whatever End tagged me in a post I have yet to do. Please go check out her blog and follow- it is a good one!!!


To Kick This Off I’m Going to Have A Little Fun With My Favorite Golden Girls Where Rose Jumps the Shark Over Henny Penny…

[wpvideo 5R8Ogujq]


1. How Many Books Do You Usually Read At Once?

For the longest time I couldn’t read more than one. Since coming back from my hiatus I’ve been able to up my game to two, usually. IF I’m really close to the end of one of them, I can maybe start a third, but that has to be a book I’m just dying to delve into.

2.How Do You Decide When To Switch Between Multiple Reads?

Sometimes if it is a book I’m really hoping to NOT DNF, I’ll go to another book and come back to the book I’m struggling with in hopes to get back into it. A lot of times if it is a longer book that I am enjoying but my ADD is really giving me a hard time, I will swap it up to give it a rest.

3. Do You Ever Switch Bookmarks Partway Through A Book?

With library books and hardcopy ARCs, no. With the Kindle and eARCs there isn’t a bookmarks.

4. Where Do You Keep The Book(s) You’re Currently Reading?

Since the levees broke and the Mississippi is threatening to overtake St. Louis, it is basically all I do. Otherwise, it was whenever I wasn’t at my part-time job.

5. What Time Of Day Do You Read The Most?

See above, lol.

6. How Long Do You Typically Read In One Session?

I hate to sound repetitive but… lol

7. Do You Read Hardbacks With The Dust Jacket Off?

I can’t remove dust jackets from the library books. Most of the books I own are paperbacks. The few hard copies I own, I do read with the dust covers on UNLESS I’m near water. Otherwise, earcs are on the Kindle.

8. What Position Do You Mainly Use To Read?

Either laying down or sitting outside if the weather cooperates.

9. Do You Take Your Current Read With You Everywhere You Go?

My Kindle is pretty much with me everywhere.

10. How Often Do You Update Your Goodreads Reading Progress?

I am getting better at it but it is still pretty awful.

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