February 16, 2024

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Novel Lives Weekly Round-Up

Welcome to May and the last gasp of Spring before summer’s arrival! I hope everyone had a great week of reading, discussing and checking in on not just in on what we are all reading, but each other!
This week and I did not get along! Between the Mississippi river playing havoc with my life, once again, and insomnia leading to a lack of a post Monday (not to mention not being as active with everyone as I would like), it was a rough week! But I recovered and ticked along after Monday.
Once that passed, everything returned to normal and the conversation with everyone was the normal amazingness! I even had Ms. Devri Walls and her publisher drop in on the Venators: Promises Forged review and talk to everyone, and that was EVERYTHING!!! I I can’t thank them enough for taking the time to come and visit my tiny corner of the world.
I hope everyone had a completely kick ass week reading, writing and engaging with the community!

Let’s just remember everyone that if you tell someone to drop dead, they might:

Here is how my week went down:


I hadn’t slept in two days- so sue me.


ARC Review- Dark Shores by Danielle Jensen Kicks Off New Series In Stellar Fashion – Out 5/7


WWW: World of Words: Let’s Talk About our Reading Lives


ARC Review: Nocturna by Maya Motayne-Darker Than Expected and I’m All In Out 5/7


First Line Friday!



May kicks off with We Hunt the Flame, Let’s Hear a Rhyme and Candle and the Flame! Then we move into An Illusion of Glass, Missing Presumed Dead, and Year of the Orphan!
We are in the home stretch of the Spring has Sprung post! And there are books to come that we didn’t have when the Spring has Sprung post was completed! Soon it will be time for the Summertime preview post!
New ARCs received from the last couple of weeks are all in the Stacking the Shelves post! above!
So, whether you kicked ass this week or you felt like it kicked yours, talk to me about your weekly accomplishments, and what you hope for next week! Tag, you’re it! YOUR TURN!!!!! SPILL IT KIDDOS!!!!!

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