December 2, 2023

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Novel Lives Weekly Round-Up

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great week of reading, discussing and checking in on not just in on what we are all reading, but each other!
This week, on the blog front, was full of milestones and productivity! Really excited with how how my little corner of the world is growing and how much I’m getting done.
As always, I loved all the conversation with everyone this week. Please keep bringing it on! Lots of love from the blogging community! It all means so much!!! Thank you for reminding me hater are gonna hate. Focus on the love and the positive! Content was more back to the norm after a week of Dragons, Avengers and Dysfunctional Superhero Families… OH MY!
Time to start the six day countdown to Avengers Endgame… as Mark Ruffalo said… bring a diaper and a box of tissues… this can’t be a good sign! I want to bring my therapist :/. And then my lord it is MAY!!!! How did that even happen! But what a May it will be… but let’s save that for the end of the post… right now let’s review the week that was!
Rather than kick it off with a kick ass gif… I have been inspired by what is playing in the background to start your day with a clip from the Golden Girls to make you laugh..

Here is how my week went down:


4.5 Star ARC Review: A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World- Out 4/23


Two Star ARC Review of The First True Thing by Claire Needell- Out 4/23


WWW: World of Words: Let’s Talk About our Reading Lives


3.5 Star Review All We Could Have Been By T.E. Carter – Out 4/23


First Line Friday


Stacking the Shelves- A Very Special ARC Version Featuring Gomez, Pavel and Liam

Next week we wrap up April with the second installment of the Venators Series (also look for a review review– yes, you read that right– of the first Venators book) and then we will kick into May with the likes of Dark Shores and Nocturna before moving into We Hunt the Flame!
If you are checking off on the Spring has Sprung post, we are just ticking along! And still we have some amazing works yet to come… all leading right up to Tiffany Jackson’s mic drop finish with Let Me Hear a Rhyme and then I will have to put together the Summertime post!
Other than the post from yesterday, arcs received include: The Seeker, 19th Bladesman The InBetween and Unpregnant,
So, whether you kicked ass this week or you felt like it kicked yours, talk to me about your weekly accomplishments, and what you hope for next week! Tag, you’re it! YOUR TURN!!!!! SPILL IT KIDDOS!!!!!

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