November 29, 2023

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Novel Lives Weekly Round-Up

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great week of reading and discussing checking in on what is going on in the book world!
If I’m being honest This week pretty much kicked my ass and I was pretty feeling crappy up until yesterday… BUT then a bunch of stuff happened at a breakneck fashioned speed that basically made me feel like this….

I can’t quite yet share what the bulk of the good news (all blog related) just yet.  One thing I can share from yesterday is that is that I GOT TO CO-CREATE MY FIRST TAG AROUND GAME OF THRONES!!!! I’m so proud and so blessed to have such a great partner in crime (more on that below!!!!)
The rest  I should be able to at least start talking about some of them during this upcoming week… I want to tell everyone to get excited… I am definitely excited!
I loved all the conversation with everyone this week! I hope that continues and grows. Having said that this week definitely, content wise, was a break from the norm. One review and a whole lot of TV/Movie related fun from Avengers Endgame to Umbrella Academy and Game of Thrones!  
But hey look, April is a big month that is going to devastate 99% of the free world so respect, right? Next week we will resume our regularly scheduled programming! 
As always, you know I love, appreciate and don’t know what I would do without ALL of the conversation, fun and discussion all week. Truly, you all are the most supportive community I could be blessed to have everyday! ????
So, whether you kicked ass this week or you felt like it kicked yours, talk to me about your weekly accomplishments, and what you hope for next week!
Here is how my week went down:


Image result for loki reading ignoring war mem

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Avengers Endgame Book Tag


Top Ten Tuesday: In Honor of Gerard Way’s Birthday and Umbrella Academy Second Season Renewal: Ten Best Scenes from Season One (No Ending Spoilers)


WWW: World of Words: Let’s Talk About our Reading Lives


The Binding- By Bridget Collins Via HarperTeen/William Morrow Books Out April 16th- Review Posted


My inaugural First Line Friday



Image result for Game of thrones Memes

And if you say otherwise you lie. Because we are all a combination of Jon and Tyrian.


Image result for Game of thrones Memes

And with that in mind Books Untold and I took it upon ourselves to provide a dose of fun and an outlet for those who would like to join us with this Game of Thrones Tag …the first either of us have created!!!!


Related image

Next Week?– Wait you mean we will survive tomorrow?? Well ok if you say so… 

More ARC Reviews:  A Boy and his Dog, All We Could Have Been and The First True Thing
   psst and surprises!!!!
Mercy we are just kicking along Spring has Sprung post- so check it out! The rest of April is going going to fly. May is going to blister from start to Tiffany Jackson’s drop mic finish with Let Me Hear a Rhyme and then it’ll be time for the Sizzling Summer line-up (ok that title needs work– give me a minute)!
This week I received ARCs…. I plead the 5th… for now… ok I’ll tell you these for now… Merciful Crow, The Beckoning Shadow and Missing Presumed Dead… I plead the 5th for now otherwise 🙂


#2 take it away…

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