July 14, 2024

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Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Times Kaz Brekker Jumped the Fence.

Top Ten Tuesday: Artsy Reader Girl

Thank you Artsy Reader Girl for always hosting Top Ten Tuesday.

However, I am going to do something I have been wanting to do for a very long time. I held back because I know everyone thinks I am Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom obsessed enough (factual) but I’m sick as a dog and need cheering up so here it goes.

First, a disclaimer I have never nor will I begin to watch the Bachelor. Not that I don’t have my guilty pleasures. I do. But that is not one of them.

However, I kept hearing about this particular bachelor “jumping the fence,” like… literally.

And sure enough? The boy jumped the fence:

This, and being sick, gave me the perfect opening for… ten times Kaz Brekker jumped the fence. Not over love… well with Inej you never do know … but in general.

It also gives YOU a chance to tell me if you agree with my choices and/or more times Kaz jumped the fence because all the saints and Aunt Eva knows there are more than ten. So let us get this party started…


Please forgive the wonky formatting and other errors. Blame NyQuil and an array of other drugs.

10) Kaz vs. Jesper- Crooked Kingdom

Finally!!! The elephants in the room… Jordy, Jesper’s gambling and almost getting everyone killed in Six of Crows! And a brawl breaks out until Jesper’s father of  all people breaks it up, also revealing Jesper’s middle name… Llewelyn…

9) Kaz takes on the entirety of the slat- Crooked Kingdom

He didn’t just jump the fence. He jumped reality. Even Matthias was surprised to find he was worried about the “demjen.” Knowing he needed a bigger crew. Knowing that should they survive the latest maddest scheme to date, he would have to hold his head up in Ketterdam (if he still had one to hold up noted Jesper), he was going to have to not just face, but convince, the gang that turned on him that he was the one to lead them. And broken ribs, nose, bloody and bruised; he did just that.

8) Abandoning Nina to find Pekka Rollins in Fjerda- Six of Crows

Not the first or last time the Kaz’s grudge against Pekka Rollins would get the best of him. Kaz abandoned the search plan to look and find Pekka Rollins on the fifth floor of a jail cell. This caused Nina to go looking for him, setting off shots from the guards, black protocol to blare and their original plan blown. For once, Kaz had to explain himself to the rest of the crew.

7) Kaz takes the job.

Woah. Let me explain. Think about this for a second. Anyone else, no matter the amount involved says you can stick it where the church of barter does not shine. But again his grudge against Pekka Rollins and greed’s lever got the best of him. Whether they pulled the job off or not isn’t point. In taking the job, Kaz jumped the fence.

6) Inej. Period.- Duology


I will have you, Kaz Brekker, without your armour, or not at all- Inej to Kaz


How would I run an empire… My father is wrong about a lot of things but he is right about that.- Wylan to Kaz

So pay someone to do that work for you. Kaz to Wylan

Would you… Trust someone with that knowledge? With a secret that could destroy you? Wylan to Kaz

Yes. Thought Kaz without hesitation. There is one person I would trust. One person I know would never use my weaknesses against me. Kaz to Wylan               


Of course this whole conversation (on Kaz’s side is about Inej.) But the PTSD from Jordy was just too much to get past. Maybe if there is a third book…

5) Inej climbing the incinerator- Six of Crows

After being stabbed. After almost dying. The first time out of the medical cabin, Kaz asks Inej to climb six stories up an incinerator knowing she won’t refuse. Let alone the fact that she will die and they will all remain trapped in jail should she fail.

4) Putting Matthias and Nina together- Duology

As Jesper noted- it was often hard tell, with Kaz, what was planned and what was dumb luck. And it did work out, but did he know that? Maybe only Madame Bardugo will ever know the answer to that question. But it is fair to say that in reality it was a huge risk. More than once they had attempted to or at least threatened to kill each other. Once it even led to Kaz himself being threatened by Nina- and who EVER does THAT?


“How about you do your job Zenik?”

“How about I crack your skull open like a robin’s egg?” 

“You don’t want a look at what’s inside my head, Nina dear.”

3) Uses Jesper’s father

He doesn’t just use him. He uses him as the center piece as part of the biggest, largest, maddest scheme of the duology.- Crooked Kingdom.

2) Brick By Brick- Duology

Up until the very end of Crooked Kingdom and maybe even then, no one really understands the personal vendetta Kaz has with Pekka Rollins. Including Rollins (although he definitely knows by the end). However, he bluffs that he has buried Rollins’ only son- alive. But he hasn’t, of course.


When everyone knows you’re a monster, you needn’t waste time doing every monstrous thing.

1) Chapter 13- All of it- Six of Crows

      1) Kaz cuts Oomen’s eye out.
      2) Despite giving Kaz all the information he could, he still throws Oomen overboard to die.
      3) Kaz threatens Wylan
      4) Kaz turns Jesper into a valet and then gives him the finger (which in comparison to 1-3 is church boy behavior)


     Man with a knife remember? Kaz to Jesper
     Man with a gun! Jesper to Kaz

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