December 2, 2023

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters from TV and Books I Want to Hang With

This idea is courtesy of Howling Libraries who took a twist from Artsy Reader Girl’s Top Ten Tuesday original idea. In this twist, instead of ten characters I would like to trade places with, I am going to list ten characters I would want to hang out with: 5 from books and 5 from TV.


5) Olivia Pope. Ok- let’s be honest. I want to be Olivia Pope. Who in their right mind doesn’t want to be Olivia Pope? Let’s put that to the side. Let me wear the white hat. Let me join OPA. To be in Olivia Pope’s presence. To work for her, learn from her and be apart of that work? Bring it. I miss Scandal.

4) Any one of the Golden Girls. Really, are you going to make me choose? That isn’t possible. I’ll take any one of them. They have each other, they have fulfilling lives; at a time when it is crucial and so many don’t have anyone. They have each other and they make it less scary to age. They make us want to hang out with them week after week all these years later. Pick any one of them and you are set.

Image result for blanche better late than pregnant

3) It took a while to choose between Tyrion and Daenerys Targaryen but when it comes down to it, the Mother of Dragons won out. Maybe she can teach my cats how to breathe fire… or even I don’t know… meow smoke. The breaker of chains, first of her name… “I’m not going to stop the wheel. I’m going to break the wheel.” How much more bad ass are you going to get than that right there? You aren’t. Game of Thrones is owned by the Mother of Dragons.

2) It shouldn’t come as any surprise that one of the characters comes from my current obsession, the Umbrella Academy. #4, Klaus may be Super High and have some super dark and super hard times but he often provides the greatest character growth and some of the greatest comic relief. Not to mention that with Klaus, by default you get, Ben, the Horror, who of course is Super Dead.

1) Angel from well… Angel. Not Angelus. I do not have a death wish. But Angel? Absolutely. Between the powers that be, redemption and being cursed with a soul? And then realizing that maybe, just maybe there is no great payoff. How could you not want to hang with someone who has THIS epiphany and manages to keep on keepin’ on?


5) This might come out of left field but there is a method behind the madness. In my opinion, one of Stephen Kings’ greatest books will always be a fantasy book he wrote called The Eyes of the Dragon. The book is about an old king with two sons. His elder son, Peter and his younger son Thomas. Of course, there is also a wicked magician, Flagg, just waiting for the old King to die. However, he knows that Peter will be a great successor to his father. He will never be able to pull the puppet strings as he did with the current King. So he hatches a plan: poison the King and frame Peter. Thereby making him much weaker, much more susceptible Thomas, King.

Not only does this make Thomas King but with the opening word of chapter 46, a simple, whimpering “No,” you know Flagg has him gripped in his clutches. His older brother framed for the crime. Thomas has no one to lean on but Flagg. For this reason. If I could spend time with anyone from Stephen King’s books, it would be Thomas. To counsel him, to get Flagg away from him and help the boy out of this devious plan.

4) I’m not sure if this counts or not but it is my blog so I say it counts. The Thunderhead from the Arc of a Sycthe (the final book of the trilogy, Toll is due out in September) by Neal Shusterman. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with the all-knowing, all-seeing Thunderhead? Ask it questions (pray it doesn’t deem you unsavory), find out what did happen to … ok I can’t say because I don’t want to spoil the end of the second book in the trilogy. There are so many questions I would ask. I probably would be deemed unsavory due to my own stupid curiosity.

3) Stevie Taggert- The Angel of Darkness by Caleb Carr– I believe The Alienist and Angel of Darkness were the last adult fiction books I read before grad school took over my life. When I returned to the adult fiction world, save a few exceptions, I found nothing that grabbed me at all. Then to my surprise here came the TV Shows. I always liked The Angel of Darkness even better than The Alienist. One of my first questions when the TV show was announced was, does this mean they are going to make the Angel of Darkness? One of the big reasons why I preferred the sequel was quite simple; Stevie Taggert is the narrator. His point of view provides additional quick wit, a street urchin lens on life and detective work. The Angel of Darkness was more captivating, twisty read with a lot more dark humor to boot.

The Angel of Darkness: A Novel (Dr. Lazlo Kreizler Book 2) by [Carr, Caleb]

2) Yes. This is cheating because I said in the TV list that I made a choice. I lied. I haven’t read the Song of Fire and Ice. I’ve only watched Game of Thrones. However, I’m pretty sure Tyrion Lannister is in the books. So I’m putting him at number 2. Say what you will about Tyrion but he’s smart, he hasn’t let circumstance jade him and he will fight for what he believes in. Much like his brother Jamie, his character arc has brought him a long way. And something he said in one of the very first episodes of the show has always stayed with me. Philosophical or not, with that dry wit, how could you not want to spend a day with someone who always pays his debts?

1) If number one is a shock to anyone then you aren’t paying attention. Bring me Kaz Brekker. Ok, let me rephrase that sentence. Bring me to Kaz Brekker so I can beg for a moment of his time. Why in the world would I possibly want to spend time with Dirtyhands? The Bastard of the Barrel? Well, duh. I haven’t crossed him. Nor do I plan on it. I’m the seventh crow and I have his car if he wants it.

I simply want him to contemplate helping me enact some revenge, a scheme for a boat load of money (I’m happy to split it 70/30 in his favor) and some time learning how that mind of his works (scheming face, anyone?). Plus maybe some philosophizing along the way… (if you pay attention this directly correlates to Tyrion’s quote above…). Kaz Brekker from Crooked Kingdom:

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