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Black Lives Matter Top Five Saturday (Updated 6/5)- Non-Fiction (With A Note On Fiction) Books That Have Held Value For Me

My heart wasn’t in the typical Top Five Saturday. I attempted to put together some resources and thoughts to support Black Lives Matter and everything happening. I am no expert and this isn’t any kind of definitive list, by an stretch of the imagination. It is something that I hope might help anyone, if only one person. If they find more fiction by African-American authors and/or non-fiction books to better understand the roots of what is happening in America, that is my only hope. If there is anything of offense or harm in this post, it is NEVER my intention and I hope you will let me know so that I may fix it, and better myself.

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Spring/Summer Fling 2020- May Update – BOOK COMMUNITY HELP REQUEST, 15+ Arcs/Backlist Books & 12+ Review/Interviews Added

Here comes the Spring/Summer Fling 2020 May update barreling into Summer with a vengeance (and Governor approval of the CNMCC)! More ARCs, backlist books, interviews and reviews. Plus a plea for YOUR HELP. I don’t read every genre out there so if you have a spring/summer guide you are working on that you could link to mine?? PLEASE LINK IT!!!! Come back and update it. Unfortunately, every time I update this, I lose my comments but you can come back and update it anytime, every time and all the time!

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